Charlotte's Web - High CBD Cannabis for Schizophrenia

Has anyone tried this high CBD strain of marijuana?

no, but I’ve heard of it. looks like I’m going to be out for a very long time now. sheesh. oh well.

I heard of it from the CNN Special - Weed.
I would be willing to get a prescription for it, because it is almost pure CBD.
I dont think they sell it in my state of NJ

I haven’t smoked that much of marijuana, except in high school, almost forty years ago. What is CBD?


Sounds interesting

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These results support the idea that CBD may be a future therapeutic option in psychosis, in general and in schizophrenia, in particular.

“The results were amazing,” says Daniele Piomelli, professor of
pharmacology at the University of California-Irvine and a co-author of
the study. “Not only was [CBD] as effective as standard antipsychotics,
but it was also essentially free of the typical side effects seen with
antipsychotic drugs.”



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There are a number on articles on it here.

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The catch: “The real problem with CBD is that it’s hard to develop for a variety of silly reasons,” says Piomelli.
Because it comes from marijuana, there are obvious political issues
surrounding its use. Extracting it from the plant is also expensive. But
the biggest barrier may be that CBD is a natural compound, and
therefore can’t be patented the way new drugs are. That means that
despite the possibility that it could outsell their current blockbuster
antipsychotic drugs, pharmaceutical companies aren’t likely to develop
it — a particularly striking fact when you consider that every major
manufacturer of new generation antipsychotics in the U.S. has so far
paid out hundreds of millions or billions of dollars in fines for
mismarketing these drugs. Yet they still reaped huge profits.
(MORE: The Case Against the Ban on ‘Bath Salts’ and Fake Marijuana)
Piomelli and others are working to develop synthetic versions of CBD
that would avoid such hurdles. “We have one and are hoping to move
forward in the near future,” he says.
For people with schizophrenia and their families, of course, it is
likely to be infuriating that non-scientific issues like marijuana
policy and patenting problems could stand in the way of a treatment that
could potentially be so restorative. While it’s possible that these
study results may not hold up or that researchers could discover
problems related to long-term use of CBD, it’s hard to imagine that
they could be any worse than what patients already experience.


This really pisses me off!

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Interesting! Does this strain also give you the munchies as a side effect like normal mj?

“These exciting findings should stimulate a great deal of research,”
says Dr. John Krystal, chair of psychiatry at Yale University School of
Medicine, who was not associated with the research. He notes that CBD
not only had fewer side effects, but also seemed to work better on
schizophrenia’s so-called “negative symptoms,” which are notoriously
hard to treat.

BREAK THROUGH: CBD oil is legal without a prescription in the US according to this site:

Can anyone find out if CBD oil is just as effective as what we are talking about on this thread?

Nice! If you get some, let me know how it works for you!

I’m still researching it. I am highly considering purchasing some.

The problem is it is very expensive.

Word on this site is the CBD oil needs to be high in mg, but the higher mg ones are $80 +

drats! :frowning: