Charlotte's Web - High CBD Cannabis for Schizophrenia

this is 100mg. You could take 5 times the dose and make it 500mg. that could potentially do something. It is in the $20 dollar price range.

It looks like it is still a waiting game. I think we need something more potent than what is sold at a vitamin shop, and it is very expensive :frowning:

Have any of you tried Charlette’s web? That might be the next best thing, and I bet it is fairly cheap as well. It is low THC, high CBD marijuana.

I plan to speak with my pdoc about Charlotte’s Web on wednesday. I’ll give anything to try it,

Your pdoc is actually open minded enough to give you a mj script? thats freaking awesome if so!

Thats the thing, I don’t know if he is open-minded enough. We shall see…

Once I brought up using ketamine for treatment resistant depression to my pdoc and he acted as if I told him that I ate babies.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes pls! I’m very curious about this treatment now!


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I will be angry with him if he denies me, how dare he not help me.

Money talks. Sigh.

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Yes - and ultimately you want something thats of known quality.

THere is a company working at translating this science into a medicine that you could buy:

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Can’t wait for tomorrows appt…

Well, I got the script. It’s a different high CBD strain called Harlequin… only thing is I have to smoke it, no oils in Canada, sucks.

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Hmmm - here it is:

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How did this work out for you? Did you notice a difference? Did it help with negative symptoms?

You must have a very liberal psychiatrist @Kellie - If I asked my pdoc to give me a prescription for medical marijuana - CBD, She would say no most likely.
My pdoc is also an Addiction psychiatrist and would probably shoot the idea down quickly

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@Kellie , did you try it yet? Did you notice anything?

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Here is first hand testimony from a fellow schizophrenic who’s tried it:

The r4 is a cbd rich strain of marijuana. The r4 offers a robust 18% cbd with .5% thc. It is currently offered in Denver, Colorado at the Greenwerkz dispensary. For me, this is a great strain to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia. After two weeks of continual, daily use, I experienced an increase in motivation, an increase in energy, and a greater ability to communicate. I even had hair growth! Because there is no high associated with its use, I believe it to be non addictive. There were minimal side effects (dry mouth and changes in appetite). Overall, the r4 is a quality strain that helps alleviate negative symptoms of schizophrenia.

any news on this topic?
id like to see if cbd oil could help me.