CHANTIX (varenicline) helps People who Have Schizophrenia and Who Smoke Cigarettes

"Despite the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, smoking among schizophrenic patients improves cognitive impairments not addressed or worsened by common neuroleptics. Varenicline, a nonselective neuronal nicotinic receptor (NNR) agonist and full agonist of 5-HT3A receptors, helps reduce smoking among schizophrenic patients. "

these results indicate that varenicline at low-to-moderate doses may be beneficial against impaired sensory gating in schizophrenia; however, higher doses may induce anxiogenic effects,



Went to the pdoc last week and he prescribed Chantix for me. Too bad my insurance won’t cover it.

THat sucks. How much does it cost if you have to pay directly yourself? Any idea?

Ah - its pretty expensive. $250+ per month it looks like if you search on Google’s shopping search engine. Here is a link to that:

I tried Chantix but had to stop it because it gave me nightmares and delusions of reference during the day.

November 30th was 4 months smoke-free for me. I quit cold turkey at the end of July.

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Called the clinic, the doc won’t prescribe the gum or lozenges. They say they’ll push for a prior authorization of the Chantix if I try them over the counter and they don’t work. I’ll call them Monday and try to get them to fight for approval.