Changing meds

So I’m changing meds, for the first time, from risperidal to Latuda. I’m scared of the switch, worried about relapse, worried about side effects.

Could use some community input.
What’s it like switching meds?
Anyone had experience with Latuda?

Thank you


Last time I switched it was from seroquel to abilify. They lowered the dose of seroquel and added abilify for a while.


Latuda is An ok med. I’ve been on it 6 years. Only bad thing I find for me is the 350 calories you are suppose to eat before taking. If I don’t eat enough calories I get sick.


She mentioned that, I gained about 60lbs on risperidol. How’s the weight gain on latuda?

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I think Latuda is considered weight neutral


I gained maybe 10 pounds but I’m also on Haldol so more weight gain from that then latuda


I have been on Latuda for a while now. I take 120mg. The only real side effect I have is mild akathisia. I take propranolol for that. It seems to be working pretty good for me. I don’t like having to eat the 350 calories with it but I’ve adjusted to skipping dinner and just eating at 10 o’clock when I take my meds. That way i’m not getting a bunch of extra calories every day.

Latuda didn’t help me.