Chances of coming off medication

What are the chances of making a medication free recovery after two episodes of psychosis?

I would think that would depend on the cause of the psychosis. Are you diagnosed Schizophrenic or Schizoaffective?

Just non organic psychosis at the moment. Drugs were linked to the first episode but not the second. Which happened after being off of medication for five months.

Yeah, thats a little tricky. Yeah I was wondering if either was drug induced. Well, I’d say this, if you were diagnosed schizophrenic I’d say your chances would be slim to have a med free recovery. Your chances I think increase a little bit as you get older because it usually gets better with age.

But in your case I hate to speculate. It’s possible. I personally would just take the meds until when/if your doctor says it’s ok to attempt to get off. Then if you relapse again I bet you would get a sz or sza diagnosis and then more than likely be on meds for life.

Okay. Just hate being on medication and want to get free

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I know the feeling. I’m probably stuck with mine for life though.

Hopefully I’ll be able to come off. Just need my old life back.

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It’s just that I’m feeling completely better now except for some lack of emotion so hoping I can just come off medication and be normal again.

Thinking of just stopping but scared of the consequences

Yeah, it’s your decision but if it turns out you are Schizophrenic you will likely end up in a hospital and start all over again…maybe with increased meds. I dunno, you have to decide if it’s worth the risk. Each Psychosis supposedly can cause brain damage so that’s something you want to avoid if at all possible. Plus there are all kinds of other issues with going psychotic as I’m sure you know. Strain on family, finances etc. I would take whatever advice your pdoc gives. If he thinks you can make it without meds, give it a shot. But it’s ultimately your decision.

The risk of becoming psychotic again keeps me on the medication. I’m scared of it happening again and I know the chances are high.

Just hoping to get my life back and looking for a way out of it all even though I know the odds are against me.


Well I wish you good luck and wise measure in making your decision @Luke83 . I certainly know where you are coming from.

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Does anyone else think I’ve got a chance of being medication free?

I know you are looking for someone elses opinion now but I’m curious what your pdoc says. I never did ask that.

Says I can have a chance in the future and to review the medication in six months. Which is to long.

I’ve just reduced from 10mg Olanzapine to 7.5 mg and feeling a little better. Want to go down to 5mg now but doubt they’ll let me yet.

I’ve just had enough

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I was on 40mg of olanzapine. I’m now off it and on 60mg of Latuda, which is a fairly low dose of that med. In my experience latuda works far better than olanzapine ever did even though olanzapine is considered a far more powerful antipsychotic.

If you have had repeated psychotic breaks chances are you will need to be on meds for life. If you had had just one episode that could be a fluke, but more than one starts to become a pattern.

Also, my first pdoc told me every time you quit and restart meds they can become less effective, quit too many times and they may not work at all.

I use to hate being on meds but its just part of my daily routine now, I don’t get angry about it and I don’t beat myself up for having to take them

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I’ve had two episodes of psychosis, so chances of coming off successfully are slim. Hope there is still a chance though! But I know it’s a big risk.

Just don’t feel myself on medication and trying to figure a way out when there probably isn’t one.

My psychiatrist told me that the chance of being able to be med and symptoms free after a first psychosis is 5%. Thats extremely low and is even lower if you got more than 1 psychosis.

Everytime I stopped meds I ended up in mental hospital. Longest I went off meds was 2yrs but it was hell. Weed also made me have psychosis but it disappeared the next day so didnt end up in mental hospital.

Weed is legal here and is sold in stores. It has a warning on the box about causing or worsening schizophrenia.

I can give you a tip. Start intermittent fasting like at least 16 hrs per day. This will greatly stabilize your mood. This will greatly help you in tapering the AP if your pdoc allowed it. Avoid as much added sugar. This means take tea coffee without sugar, avoid high sugar content dishes like chocolate biscuits, sweet bread and other things.

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