Is there any hope

Is there any hope of making a medication free recovery after two episodes of psychosis?

Now on 5mg of Olanzapine and feeling much better.

Hoping to taper off in the future.

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Yes, I think so. I feel the planet shifting focus. I have had breakthroughs before–where I can be myself.

Nope, you’re ■■■■■■.

What makes you say that?

Tell your psychiatrist to help you get off is my advice. I’m not going off mine, I never fully recovered from the last time and it was under doctor’s care in a hospital. I’m not one to think a lot of people should be on meds, just my opinion. If it’s really, really bad, you’ll put yourself on them. Pdocs have always let me decide what meds to be on, except one time and early on when I was too sick to know what I was on. That saying, I hope to go off again one day, like when I’m 70. I heard that can happen.

If all you’re on is 5 mg zyprexa, what’s the point of getting off? that’s a tiny dose and just one med. Maybe you shouldn’t rock the boat. If it was me and that’s all I had to take I’d keep it up.

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I’ve tried to get off my medications before, but I can’t contain the anger.

You have a good point, just want to get back to where I was before I was ill.

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I feel it would be a risk worth taking,
with guidance of your doc, of course.

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my advice is to generally commit to staying on medication period and then once thats been accomplished for years and you have that down then if you want to try different approaches go ahead but i wasted years not being on medication for essentially no reason. its better on meds but perhaps one could put their mild schizophrenic symptoms in remission but its rare and you have to find what helps you first. Medication is like a crutch in a way ( i dont mean that in a bad way) i mean to say its better to walk with a crutch (though it may suck at times) then to throw it away and try to walk and fall and become even more injured. I think a good way to do it is to accept the help medication gives and if we really want to find another solution or crutch/ depenancy that badly then theres noone who can stop you. but meds are a surefire way so might as well use them.

I’m glad to hear that. Would love to feel normal again. Hopefully was just a reaction to extreme stress.

yeah, I hear ya on the stress thing.

I find it hard to believe, and so does my man, how many psych meds
I take every day. but the way I talk to my pdoc, I don’t see the end in sight.


there is always hope… you can always try to go off meds if you are stable for long period. Personally i’m not gonna try anymore but i think if you really want to you can try.

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There is always hope. Unfortunately much of it is unrealistic when it comes to our meds. Yes, you may be able to come off them. (Rare.) Coming off them may also trigger a relapse and leave you in a situation where you need more meds to flatten fewer symptoms moving forward, so you lose out bigly in the end. (Common.) This is why you should NEVER go off meds without proper titration and medical oversight.


it’s interesting how age is a factor.

my pdoc said somewhere down the road.

Definitely would do it with medical supervision. Now that I’ve had two episodes I know it’s likely I have a long term illness. Just hoping that I’ll be okay though and won’t have a third episode.

sometimes it’s just the simple things, diet, exercise, avoiding street drugs, and having a good support system, little if any isolation.


I think it’s possible for you to stop taking Zyprexa if you’ve only had two episodes.

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That’s what I hope! If I have a third I’ll except it. Or get symptoms on tapering off

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