Chamomile Tea

Has anyone tried chamomile to reduce/manage symptoms?

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No. What do you think it will help with

Primarily anxiety, mood, sleep, and maybe intrusive thoughts. I think how it works is that it increases GABA, which inhibits over-firing neurons, which can be a problem.

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Calms me some but it’s not a medication and it won’t be anywhere near as therapeutic as an AP.

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I didn’t even realize that someone already posted about tea. But yeah chamomile tea definitely calms me down.

I bought chamomile capsules. They make me tired. I’d be afraid to use them now though, as I heard they can thin your blood with regular use.

I use chamomile Sleepytime tea which includes several other herbs, including lemongrass and rosebuds. I find that it has little to no anxiolytic effects. However, it does make me as tired as about 25mg Benadryl, and the first time I used it, it seemed to have noticeable anxiolytic effects.
I still drink it occasionally, in case it does help beyond my notice. I find that Benadryl is more anxiety alleviating.