Chamomile tea

What’s your experience with chamomile tea,
Does it help calm your nerves.
And while on coffee does it still helpful.
Personally I found mind over matter a greater benefit, first recognise yourself


I don’t like the taste of chamomile, but I have found another combo which works fine - a mix of lemon balm and valerian root definitely decreases my anxiety, and it taste good.

I make cold extraction. I take a double dose, put in a glass of water and let it stay in the fridge for 10-15 hours, that’s the best way to keep the active ingredients

Chamomile tea does taste like drinking weeds doesn’t it.

It definately has a strange taste, yes.

It is calming. Unfortunately I am a bit allergic to this one.

It’s great for the ladies experiencing menstrual cramps. It is somehow relaxing.

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Delightful tea very mild with a lovely and distinctive after taste. I can only get a cup if my mum offers it.

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