Can you guys handle chamomile tea? sighh,

Meh bodies so lame sometimes… It says This tea is a natural remedy for Sz… But i noticed it wasnt as great as the website says… grr… how frustrating.


It tastes like hay. Not my cup of tea (pun intended)

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No I don’t like chamomile tea it taste vile and doesn’t do the trick

What im saying is… i cannot handle even herbal teas… its frustrating sometimes… no coffee. no tea… I suppose some people have it worst… but ugh… >.<’

So you don’t like ordinary tea either

Not that i dont like tea… i mean tea in general haha… my body cant handle it…Sorry to confuse ya.

Do you like coffee
I have to have a mug of tea in the morning

The taste is great… but then again… My heart elevates… then I start hallucinating.

Have you always been that way

I dont know… My mate used to say i was weird on Coffee… I didnt realize it until This year that it gives me anxiety…

The coffee Buzz isn’t so bad. Its the crash that produces symptoms

I keep hearing people talk about it but I have never tried it.

I drink chamomile tea; I don’t mind the taste, I’ve gotten used to it I guess, and it helps slightly with calming me.

I drink orange pekoe or earl grey. I like licorice spice too. There are very few herbal teas i like

I can’t even pronounce it properly so I’m too scared to try it.

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I’m not so mad on it but i will drink it when i have muscle tension or stress. Prefer rooibos tea for that.

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Don’t drink if allergies like ragweed

Not that I’ve noticed. I’m not a huge fan of the taste, but I have a cup after lunch every day for the other benefits. It actually does help with irritable bowels a bit. I agree with the other poster who said it tastes like hay.

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The taste puts me off .

I hate it I prefer rooibos