Cells from patients diagnosed with schizophrenia may provide clues about the disease



To understand more about the mechanisms driving these disorders, his team has developed a technique to take cells from patients with schizophrenia and culture them in a dish to make functional 3-D neural models. Using this approach, his team is trying to uncover the roots of schizophrenia. - See more at: http://scopeblog.stanford.edu/2015/02/02/cells-from-patients-diagnosed-with-schizophrenia-may-provide-clues-about-the-disease/#sthash.Ab6gCER3.dpuf

Right On!!!


After reading the article,the address must be written as ;
IS cells from patients diagnosed with schizophrenia may provide
clues about the disease ?
Instead of “” cells from patients diagnosed with sz may provide
clues about the disease .

Because,there is a difference between the known facts and
a question related a futurism studying

Under headline " imagining voices;A look at an alternative approach to treating auditory hallucination"

=As usual, when we read any scientific article about the hallucination, we see many fatal mistakes,lack of knowledge,using non suitable terms,lack description for the phenomena,the insistence to hidden the facts and express a contrary data…etc

=Reading such as this article does not achieve any real knowledge related the principle facts of the phenomena that so-called hallucinations

1-It is mistake to dividing the hallucination phenomenon into many different phenomena "like visual hallucination,auditory hallucination …and else "
because,the hallucination in reality is an unity phenomenon “existential and functionally”
2-The hallucination are emitted in the brain-mind of the host as a package of united
phenomena “picture+ voice+ feeling” followed by mental /emotional response which lead to personal behavior

3-For example,when any schizophrenic person hears one vocal sentence,this process is happens as following:
emergence of the imaginary people "the picture " is happens in the imagination scene in the mind ,followed by the voice broadcasting in the auditory scene ,followed by feeling emission in the sentiment scene,they are a successive chain from the perceptual phenomena
-the time of this successive chain has occurs in a time equal to the time of inhalation

4- In practice,it must be the emergence of the picture in the imagination is precedes the emergence of the vocal wave which in turn precedes the appearance of the feeling

5- in practice,it is impossible to hear the voice without seeing the imaginary picture in the mind because the emergence of the picture is precedes the voice emission in the auditory field , that is to say there is an inseparability /billow / texture between the imaginary visual picture and the audible voice

6- what is usefulness of the above explanation in the treating the voices ?
You can positively adapt "reject the receive process of the voice " if you can cut off
the inseparability process of successive chain in any position

in practice, you can make fast mental intervention after the emergence of the picture to prevent or obstruction the pathway of the vocal sentence which lead to mute the emergence of the delusional feeling

The schizophrenic person must learns how to cut off the chain in just one second !
The picture >>the voice>> the delusional feeling

Using any random idea by the own mental intervention after the appearance of picture is enough to obstruction the pathway of any audible vocal sentence

In sum,who is knows the data bases of the hallucination phenomena,who can
gives correct advice to deal with ,and if the reader is a person suffer from the sz,he can notice the emergence of the picture before the occurrence of the voice all time without exception !!