CBT helpful or nah

I do therapy every week. I dont find it very helpful. It doesnt help with my negative symptoms or my paranoia attacks. But it is nice to talk to someone about anxiety and depression.


I used to go to CBT every week just like you. I agree, it doesn’t really help with paranoia or negative symptoms. But then, I found out that by talking to a psychologist on a regular basis that I felt less depressed and anxious.


Cbt improved things.

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CBT helped me, but didn’t cure me. I think whether you like it or not depends on what you’re expecting from it

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It was a game changer for me.

FYI, CBT will not remove positive or negative symptoms. It will help you recognize and deal more effectively with your positive and negative symptoms both proactively and productively. If your symptoms are reduced it’s because the CBT helped reduce your overall stress load (you are able to stop yourself from overracting to stimuli) and your symptoms ramp down as a result. Generally the positive symptoms.

Also important to note there are no instant results with CBT. It took me over a year to meaningfully move the needle as I had a lot of corrosive habits to replace. It took another couple of years for my reactions to symptoms/delusions to become completely automatic where no thought is required. You’re setting yourself up for failure if you think you’ll be good after two weeks of CBT. Doesn’t happen.

CBT is a long game. I’ve been doing it for years and I’m going to keep going.


Ive been doing it for 2 years. And i think im lazier now then when i started.

Therapy didn’t help me. If I can’t help myself, no one can help me.


I dunno. I think my therapist is just crappy. He talks to a lot of different patients. We always just end up talking about music for 20 minutes out of a 40 minute appointment

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How long did you put into it?

I am too disabled for therapy. I was the one who suggested therapy to the Dr.

That would also mean you’re too disabled to play video games and fix computers.

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I can’t play without my friends. My friends help me and motivate me a bit. I can fix computers but it stresses me so I can’t make money out of it. I don’t like repairing for strangers, mainly my pc and for close family.

The therapist got mad at me and never called me again as I failed to do what she wants me to do like reading books, walking or biking outside, lifting weights, etc I want to feel emotions too but the sz and meds took them away. I didn’t have emotions even when I was off meds for 2yrs.

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i agree cbt can be helpful but it takes work like @velociraptor says

its best to find a therapist who specializes in cbt not one who just say they know of it

i had a great therapist who knew cbt and worked with her for 6 years

i finally got the concept but it still hard to this day to use cbt on basic living

my new therapist is not certified in it yet

supposedly she is in workshops a couple times a week to get certified

but she pushes it to hard when i know more than her

i dont question her or tell her she is explaining it wrong

i just go with it

i want a new therapist but my treatment team has lost 3 sw/therapist in the last year so im stuck with her

i truly hate it talking to someone i cant trust


Idk what my therapist was but she is specialized in psychiatry including sz and works in my pdoc clinic. Now I can’t have her or a free therapist as I was released from psychiatric care Jan 2021.

What do they do or talk in cbt?

I didn’t even had a therapist when I started. I had a book that I had to work from on my own.


there are two

cbt and dbt

there are alot of ted talks about them

they change the way you look at your thoughts and react to them

with practice you get to what they call wise mind where to use your emotional and rational way of thinking together

they also i forget what its called (like using face to spell out the symptoms of a stroke) but you use words that spell things out so you can remember the theories

they also do alot of fact based thinking vs getting into derogatory thinking

you should look it up its very interesting


No idea where I’d be without it. Basically, what helped me was my drs suggestion to always keep myself distracted from the voices, and symptoms by doing an activity.

I found that CBT was a good analgesic rub, but its benefits were short lived. I did get immediate relief from pain from it. It’s expensive to use that way.

It’s helping. It can’t miraculously make me unsee all the ■■■■ I’ve been subjected to but it helps me stay kind of sane more often than I would otherwise

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