What to expect from psychotherapy

anyone had this??? …

like cbt? i didnt get much from it doesnt really help with my type of anxiety

It’s long and repetitive and sometimes boring. But if you find a good therapist, it can work wonders.

It does nothing for me. I don’t want to dissuade people from it but it’s just talk. I talk all the time, and it’s sometimes helpful. I can figure out these things on my own with the help of the internet. Coping skills, similar stories to study, self-imposed exposure therapy, I just have all the tools I need without someone else asking the questions.

If it helps you though go for it. It seems to do very good things for many people who do it, including I believe my hero Elyn Saks.

To waste a lot of money, talk about mundane things 90% of the time and having someone to tell you that´s ok to fail week after week on every project you start (because you need to be kind to yourself).
Things that can help (that we discussed on therapy but I did know before): take omega 3, daily sun exposure, do some excercise and eat well, and try to sleep 8 hours/day.

CBT is powerful, but you need to be commited to it !

There is a need for a good psychotherapist for cbt to work

i didn’t mention cbt but from what you guys say it means its cbt

It helps me a lot. It helps me verbalize my thoughts and get everything out. Helps me sort fact from fiction

And she’s currently helping me through my trauma. It’s very good for me

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Its alright, they give me suggestions on what to do to get better. My current suggestion is to keep posting on the forums and chatting with people. Even though i occasionally get voices from hackers watching what i post or the admins using dream manipulation technology on me.

They are delusions and im suppose to work through them as best i can by finding places to post and chat to see that its not real.

Though i admit i lose touch with reality sometimes thinking that im not talking to real people lol.

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My psychotherapist did some breathing exercises and some meditation

I’ve never gotten anything out of therapy really but I would have preferred not to go. I did feel good when I left but felt it wasted my time. If I had a specific reason to go I might get more from it.

I have the same agreement! I went twice and it was the same exact verbiage on the internet! Like they have a script to follow. I sat there wondering how you had to have a degree to do that job! Examples:
It’s ok to feel this way
Tomorrow’s a new day
Try exercising
Try dieting
Try cutting out caffeine, sugar, alcohol etc.
Find a hobby
It’s ok to cry
That must be so hard for you
I can’t imagine what you’re going through

Yes, I read a bunch of stories on the net before going and these were all said during my therapy sessions. I didn’t say anything to her that I don’t say to other people. Also, she didn’t say anything that wasn’t common sense for me to know in the first place! Not for me. I got so mad at people who said alternative talk therapy is better then meds. Maybe for some but to me it seemed like a placebo alternative!


In my experience, letting someone mess with your head can be very dangerous.

Also, keep in mind that magic wands don’t exist.

Don’t expect instant results. It may take a while for there to be a noticeable change, but that doesn’t mean it’s not working

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You need to find a good therapist and be willing to put in the work. I bet 90% of people saying it didn’t work, either didn’t put in the work, or didn’t find a decent therapist. It won’t cure your psychosis, but it can help with a lot of things.


It’s free for me and I’m not allowed to choose the therapist but hopefully I get on with them and can work with him or her


I think if u have a plan it can turn out good. You need to take it in also.


I had a falling out with my last therapist.
She shaved off a lot of time each session.

I would say that most therapists are incompetent, but there are a few that are worth a go.

I would take the time to get to know the therapist and if you don’t like them after a few sessions, move on to a different one.

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I only went to one therapist for a few months before I dropped him. He was nice and told me about the cocaine habit he used to have many times… but eventually I got scared he was going to have me committed.

As it turned out he was working and talking to my pdoc and after I left the therapist the pdoc had me committed