Therapy doesn't work for me

Do you feel the same way? I think it’s ■■■■■■■■ and anybody claiming CBT helps in negative and cognitive symptoms is delusional. Maybe I should change my psychologist and she is too sympathetic with me.

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I like to talk to my psychiatric nurse about practical stuff, but therapy does nothing.

Especially “positive psychology” makes me really sad and angry, because it lays the burden on the patient.

I mean - its your own fault if you are sad, you just have to change your mindset :grimacing:


I have negative symptoms for which people say therapy is more useful

I’ve had problems in the past which therapy worked well for, but it doesn’t help the sza.

I think it’s good for people with MI, also if you have negative symptoms to talk to an empathic and kind person, but it does not need to be “therapy”

Therapy, for example CBT, is like running a program, but people often don’t fit in to the program of CBT, and then what?


My diagnosis says simple schizophrenia and my pdoc says cbt works well for people like me

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I’ve tried CBT several times, and didn’t get very far with it. But in all fairness, I was in such bad shape at the time I’m not sure anything would have helped.

My therapist used to recommend that I write down the negative thoughts, and then try to contradict them. Seeing them written down only reinforced them, and made them seem more potent.

Maybe it was the place I was in, or maybe it’s not for everyone. If it works for you, do it

It doesn’t as I have done 12 two hour sessions with them or maybe it’s just the start of my recovery journey… It has only been 2 years since I was diagnosed

I don’t think therapists know how to handle people like us

I am fairly normal ,my diagnosis is simple schizophrenia… So it’s not a big issue to handle me

therapy doesn’t work for me either…

What’s your diagnosis?

schizophrenia and autism

So you had therapy for autism? Right?

i had therapy for everything but it didn’t help me… it frustrated me and made me worse i think so i stopped doing therapy.

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CBT had a huge effect with me with regards to my anxious thoughts and depression. It also helped me to improve my thinking to be more positive and see things in a different light, I’m a lot better off having learned it. I have my doubts that it could work for things like hallucinations but my meds take care of those.

I don’t think talking to a therapist is going to work with respect to CBT until after you really learn all about it. I refuse to talk to a therapist but I suppose they could be helpful after you learn CBT and have questions about implementing it. If a therapist just tells you to think a certain way without explaining the fundamentals of the therapy you won’t understand it, appreciate it or find it very effective. There is a quite a bit too it. You have to study it like you were in school. You can buy CBT courses on websites like udemy,com.

Once you learn how the mind works you can start changing your thoughts and with some time and practice it becomes a habit and just a way of being. It works because of neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity states that the brain can rewire itself, and the way you get to rewire your brain is by changing your thoughts. As you think a certain way more and more the neuropathways in your brain become stronger, then it becomes natural and normal and you do think better without any effort. It can take some time and practice to change your thoughts because you’re so accustomed to thinking the way you do now, you have to remember the pathways in your brain, the way your brain is wired right now, is causing you to stay in this pattern of thinking.

CBT will help you change your thoughts, thus rewiring your brain, thus changing your life.


Whenever I hear people say “therapy doesn’t work for me”,

I think they need to see a new therapist.

It’s just like any other profession, there are good ones and bad ones.

It took me three therapists and four years to find the right one.

She really helps me and I look forward to our sessions.

Maybe you should consider shopping around a little.


I have paranoid schizophrenia, anxiety autism

My therapist was useless and had no idea what she was doing

yea that could be true for sure…

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I’ve found I’m the one who ends up helping the therapist. But I’m emotionally mature enough to hold myself accountable for my reactions, and don’t go to a therapist to be pet and reassured. Most do that, and it’s ineffective for me. It would be very difficult for me to find a therapist who’s on my level, let alone one who could actually teach me something at this point.