Cbt for insomnia

ok so i am doing cbt for insomnia per pdoc. they require you to go to bed and get up same time every single day.

Why We Sleep by Michael Walker is really good. It gives a lot of things that get messed up if you dont sleep enough and keep the same hours.

it’s painful to change your habits but I think it will be good for me in the long run. Showing up at a mental health clinic once a week rather than every few months is kind of weird though.

I was given marketing material for TMS. I hope they don’t make me do that.


Are you taking any drugs, stimulants, that could affect your sleep ?

Coffee, cigarettes etc.

Eating lots of food ?

Coffee, yes. Cigarettes, no. I don’t eat that much, actually. I am weaning myself off anything with sugar in it as fast as I can and it hurts.

My sleeping schedule has been inconsistent for a long time so I have to keep a diary and get a lecture if my schedule isn’t what it should be.

I’m kind of glad I’m doing it although it’s very painful right now.

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Do you take melatonin? If not that would be a good place to start.

I take 3mg a day, and it’s available in the supplement aisle.

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