Cbt for insomnia?

So my pdoc suggested I start cbt for insomnia. Anyone try that before? I have to keep a sleep diary. It’s supposed to last 8 sessions or 9 sessions.


Let me know how it goes, personally I’m afraid of CBD.

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I think they meant CBT not CBD, lol.

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I’ve done CBT for PTSD that was causing my insomnia to be worse. It helped a little, but I’m still a severe insomniac.

@anon97970229 I recently went off all my sleep meds and benzos because none of them really worked very well, if at all, in favor of CBD oil and candies. They’re working brilliantly with pretty much no side effects that I’m aware of at this point. I went from sleeping on average 2-3 hours a night for many years with benzos and sleeping pills to sleeping on average 5-6 hours with the CBD. It’s been a really good thing for me.


You have to be careful what you get. You don’t want anything that has thc in it. So I believe you want ‘cbd isolate.’

I was using cbd flower(which has trace amounts of hatch in it) for a few months and it was making my sleep worse.

cognitive behavioral therapy. my pdoc suggested it. I’m kind of skeptical but we shall see.

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I’ve done CBT for my OCD, my PTSD, and my anxiety. I really like it. It makes more sense to me than regular talk therapy. My therapist gives me homework and we are working to clear goals. I call it my four credit class in how to be a functional person.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy changed my life for the better. It gave me an insight and clarity I never had before. It’s not a cure of any kind, but a very strong coping tool.

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I will say that none of the CBT tools helped me with sleep. The main things they have you do are turn off all electronics an hour before bed, eat something with tryptophan, do a relaxing activity, and then lie down for roughly ten minutes. If you don’t fall asleep within those ten minutes, you get up and continue your relaxing activity for a half hour, then try to lie down again for another ten minutes.

Theoretically, your body starts to recognize its bedtime routine over time, and then naturally falls asleep when you lie down. In practice, I ended up switching between my relaxing activity and lying down for seven hours straight. But I’m different than most, because the part of my brain responsible for sleep (pineal gland) was operated on as a child, so no amount of behavioral training will fix it.

I found a cognitive therapist in my area, but she told me that she can’t accept a schizophrenic.
I just must take my meds, she said.
She mainly treats anorexia etc.
I havent found a second cognitive therapist here.
I had experience with regular psychotherapy.
She had no skills in giving me coping tactics about delusions. We never talked about delusions, just about friends etc

if you dont mind me asking, what type of cbt were you doing? what behavior were they trying to fix?

that’s kind of mean

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Yes, I know. Cognitive doesn’t help you, research suggests, she said. But I know that it helps, I told her. She said nothing

Fr? Woops. LOL


Hmmm, really? I have to give it a try. It is legal where I stay, after all why not give it a shot.

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I don’t know what specific type of CBT was used, to be honest, but the therapist guided me through understanding how the way I think about things and how it’s my own thinking or perception that gives a thought or situation it’s significance.
Specifically, Seraton, my companion angel, was extremely powerful and abusive towards me. The CBT process helped me to change that relationship so that I was the one in control. For me, personally, it changed my thinking/perception of myself from victim of my hallucinations to manager of them.
We also worked on my Bulimia and PTSD from past abuse.
It wasn’t a cure, and it took a few years after the therapy to really see significant improvement in regards to Seraton, but it empowered me like nothing ever had before.

You’ve had some really bad experiences. I’m so sorry to hear that! I hope you won’t give up on finding a therapist who believes in you and doesn’t disregard your ability to respond to therapy just because of sz. You’re still a thinking being.

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Maybe you should try natural orthomoleculsr sleeping pills…

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