CBT does not always work

I’ve gone through months of CBT work through one of my therapists a while ago.

Also doing CBT with my new therapist.

But CBT is not for everyone.

This article has gotten me to think about it more.

Biologically I don’t think I’m equipped.


Am I wasting my time?

Certain CBT techniques may be ineffective for many types of mental disorders

In a landmark 2009 review published in the journal Psychological Medicine , the study authors concluded that: ( CBT) is of no value in treating schizophrenia and has limited effect on depression. The authors also concluded that CBT is also ineffective in preventing relapses in bipolar disorder.

This is a thought-provoking article.

I went to a therapist for CBT and she was very cold, very matter-of-fact, and acted almost as if she were teaching me how to use a computer program or something.

I learned some things in those few sessions that we had but ended up stopping with her because she was so distant.

I feel I need a little bit of that relationship to be successful in therapy.


I mean is this lady conning me into thinking CBT could be useful?

After all it’s ineffective for schizophrenia and has limited benefits for depression.

It also does not prevent bipolar relapse symptoms.

I suffer with all three mental disorders.

That’s interesting.

I would think that some of the tools would be at least somewhat helpful, if you’re trying to challenge a delusion.

Maybe not when you’re level 10 delusional, but maybe when you’re in a better position med-wise and the thoughts aren’t as dominating.

Just my impression anyway. Obviously I didn’t do a study to backup my thinking, so take it with a grain of salt.


I always challenge my distorted thinking patterns.
But only possible when I have insight.

Yeah maybe it can be somewhat useful.

But I find that swallowing some Klonopin has greater benefits for me.

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It’s probably a place to start and helps break the ice.

Personally I was repelled as soon as I heard the term ‘workbook’.

But that was a decade ago and you can’t say that I mastered it, the decade, by anyone’s stretch.

Posing a question about it…

It’s all about changing the thought and thereby changing the feeling; right? That’s what the title of it says to me, anyway.

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I can’t do it at all… I fall to deep into my thoughts and go completely from reality… My old therapist said it’s very dangerous for me to try again because I may get stuck in the memories or something like that

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I read that therapy can create false memories which can be bad or dangerous.

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It has its side effects.

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I kind of remember either @LevelJ1 or @shutterbug saying CBT helped them. Maybe both? :thinking:

Maybe someone whom it’s helped can offer some insight.


Unlike my last therapist this lady is at least trying.
She is giving me decent advice so far.
But I can’t judge her on the first session.
She wants to make a big impression on me so that I’ll stick with her.

It’s a business after all.

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@Wave. My first therapist stopped when I started crying and begging for my life… I think he realized the horrors I have been though… He then stated getting distant… I think it scared him… I hope maybe this new therapist of yours helps you I truly do

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I had been doing the AA program for years before doing clinical CBT. Think of AA as CBT for beginners. I was very pre-disposed for actual CBT. I think this is what helped me hit it so hard and so fast. It’s like, yeah, I’ve used tools like this before. Gimme.


I’m sorry that you went through a hard time @Twialine.

Hopefully this new therapist will be helpful.


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@Wave. It’s all good! My new therapist is helping me like no other… To bad I’ll lose her once I’m married…

Keeping my fingers crosses for you!

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I googled to try to find the referenced paper and found this citation in an article:

Here’s a link to the full paper:

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Oh thank you @Moonbeam!

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@Wave Maybe keep an open mind about CBT and ask your new therapist about how she would use CBT. You could also point her to this paper and ask her to take a look at it.

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Yes I will definitely point to these articles and I will also question her more on her therapy techniques for me.

Thanks again @Moonbeam

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