CBD oil for schizophrenia?

It is legal and is already sold in my country. As I saw in some scientific studies, it demonstrated effectiveness against psychotic symptoms. I’ll talk to my doctor about it. Do any of you know about cannabidiol?

Yes! It didn’t do anything for me. Don’t expect miracles.


I took a whole bag of CBD gummies a few years ago and it just made me fall asleep.


I also OD’d on gummies. I didn’t notice any difference.


Unlikely to do jack for psychosis IMO. Expect to take a gallon full if its going to have any effect. And even then, probably won’t do jack.

Also, have heard cbd can interact with some aps and make psychosis worse.

AND…I can tell you for sure it doesnt do anything for toothaches ;p .

My final conclusion : CBD is overrated and overhyped.


I used to smoke CBD hemp flower. I found it helped with my insomnia but didn’t do anything for my paranoia and delusions.


For me, CBD is like that 1% that doesn’t matter if you don’t have the remaining 99% already


It has to be 0 thc

And even at that I smoked it, tried oil drops
Didn’t really do much for me

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A friend recommended I try it for anxiety. I did not notice any difference to my symptoms or my anxiety after using it for a month.


I tried it for insomnia, but got a paradoxal effect of even worse sleep :thinking: I tried it in three different occasions just to be sure it wasn’t placebo reaction.

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Mostly likey not going yoto be super effective for positive symptoms. Anything which can modulate dopamine directly or indirectly is going to have an effect. Works for sleep

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