Does smoking legal CBD helps with psychosis?

im sorry to bring this up i emailed my doc about it, apparently can get it legal from a Brussels shop so i guess there 19% CBD in it and 0,19% THC so legal amounts i guess

If i put the thing in a normal cigarette, will it help my depression and psychosis? and not cause anxiety of psychosis and just something that makes me better for Gods sake?

Idk tbh 1515151

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I think the jury’s out on this. Some say it helps, some say nothing good comes of it, some say it gets worse. I really, really think all this discussion of CBD is an end-run for people to find a way to get high. Personal advice: do what your doc says. They either know more, and if they don’t and something goes sideways, they can be held liable. This voice in the back of my head (no pun intended) says this CBD thing is the placebo effect at work. I think for folks with a normal brain, MJ/CBD doesn’t do anything in the short-term. Those with abnormal brains, tend to do much, much worse.


well i know couple of people who already use it and have schizophrenia, ill call a doctor and ask if this is safe because my pdoc doesnt email me back about this. im worried also ive asked him about anti biotic and he simply does not get back to me i saw him this week tho but i dont feel good, not psychotic just not right and depressed

I tried CBD to death.

My results were, it helps with sleep and minor aches and pains, but not my symptoms from schizophrenia.

I really gave it a fair go too, and I super wanted it to work, but in the end it just didn’t.

Sorry, man.


yes i tried it for months after 1 month of cibdol it did do something for depression is all i can say.

its not a magic bullet indeed but it did something for me in the past so

Always get the OK from a pdoc. But technically CBD has antipsychotic properties, so it should be helpful rather than not.

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I do no think most people smoke it, but take drops.

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I tried the oil like a hour ago, I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t feel any diff

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If I remember right cbd has antipsychotic properties, but thc is a pro-psychotic meaning it triggers psychosis, my advice is to ask your psychartist, and check in periodically with him or her.

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I’ve taken CBS once and felt horrible. I heard it interacts with antipsychotics.

Paid £40 quid for a ten ml bottle. And didnt notice any difference, maybe parhaps a bit of a placebo affect - but this is coming from an ex weed smoker - so your milage may vary.

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I’ll let you know. Today I ran out of CBD. I’ve been feeling great the last few days taking CBD. But I’ve also been taking lions mane. Tomorrow I have no CBD left so I’ll tell you how I feel without it if it makes a difference. It’s also a good time of the year which helps my mood and stuff so that could be influencing me. There’s a lot of factors. But I’ll let you know

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