Cause of mental illness

Is our urban lifestyle the cause for the various mental illnesses in the world.

in an urban setup one is constantly under the pressure of trying to excel in a competitive world.

we have bills to pay, mortgages, run a family a job to keep and so on.

there is no rest to the brain/mind.

there is very little fun and relaxation.

does all the above cause mental illness?

i think so.

I feel it is a breakdown of human values.

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There’s mental illness in remote villages as well so while the urban lifestyle doesn’t help, it’s not the actual cause


Psycho-social stress


A combination of genetics and environmental stressors can trigger mental illness in susceptible people


thanx all for the wonderful replies and good info

I read some research results where it’s written that genetics may predict only 0.5% of schizophrenia, other factors include familial and environmental factors (of which around 5% was explained by age and sex, 30% by social circumstances, 16% by pain, 22% by environmental risk factors, 24% by family history etc.), also, it’s written that childhood trauma and gap between actual and desired social status are the most important factors in explaining mental illness.

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the problem is the dysfunctional environment where you were born and spent the first 15-20 years of your life. if you are forced to be with dysfunctional and abusive people

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I wasn’t, I had the perfect environment and no drugs, no abuse, no trauma or stress. I still got schizophrenia. My case is purely genetic.

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Source? All sources I read points to at least 50%. Wikipedia says 80%.

There is an article on one website (published 10.Aug.2020), I tried to open a new theme with that link but it wasn’t allowed on this forum, try to google " Genetics May Predict About 0.5% of Schizophrenia", there is written a link for the scientific article (source) on that theme titled: “Do Current Measures of Polygenic Risk for Mental Disorders Contribute to Population Variance in Mental Health?” (Anne Marsman, Lotta-Katrin Pries, Margreet ten Have, Ron de Graaf, Saskia van Dorsselaer, Maarten Bak, Gunter Kenis, Bochao D Lin, Jurjen J Luykx, Bart P F Rutten, Sinan Guloksuz, Jim van Os), the article is published in Schizophrenia Bulletin 16. July 2020.

I don’t see the 0.5% but what’s family history? Isn’t it genetics of your family?

Anyways don’t just believe one study over a million, most studies say genes are at least 50% responsible for sz. The thing is sometimes its a mix of genes and environmental factors. Lots if schizophrenics have tried drugs which caused their psychosis because they have sz genes in most cases. I am in the rare group who never did drugs.

I never did drugs either, nor was I abused. I was an anxious child though, and had two traumatic events in my childhood which raised risk of mental illness. Could have been my mental illness susceptibility that caused the anxiety in the first place.

None of my known family have sz/sza either.

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Family history is probably relationships in family, family environment or something like that.

I know it’s one study, but I also believe that genes are not so responsible for schizophrenia, also, in my case genes were not responsible, I never did drugs, too, but the environmental factors were problematic because we can’t choose in which environment we grow up. I believe that psychosis and other disorders (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other mental disorders like depression etc.) are similar to PTSD where someone had traumatic and bad experiences, for example, in war and then have consequences. Everyone can have mental disorders regardless of genetics if circumstances in life are problematic. Also, expectations are important factor, too. To stay normal, I think it’s important to stay humble and have faith in better future no matter what is around you at the present moment.

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