Are "excessive worrying" and "catastrophic thoughts" symptoms of sz?

I have both excessive worrying and catastrophic thoughts. I can hardly drive a car, without feeling like I’m gonna get in a wreck. There’s a huge laundry list of things that I have catastrophic thoughts about. Are these symptoms of schizophrenia? maybe OCD?

Sounds like anxiety and/or ocd, which in turn are very common among sz sufferers.

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thanks for the reply. Yeah, I have very bad anxiety – which probably causes the catastrophic thoughts. I need to talk with my pdoc about OCD

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I used to have “catastrophic thinking”. A med inceease and some L-theanine sorted it out though.

I did a poll on this 5 years ago!

Most people said they suffer from it.

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thanks for the link, @everhopeful. I have poor insight when it comes to this subject, so any input is greatly appreciated.

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I wonder if catastrophic thinking can lead to delusions. Like for me, whenever I’m in the car, I think I’m gonna get in a wreck (no matter who is driving). So I’ve become somewhat delusional around getting in the car. This also included flying in a plane, for example.

I had/have catastrophic thinking, this cause much anxiety. Since my increase of Invega it has calmed my thoughts down.

I used to be afraid of my car breaking down like that.

I feel like im a victim of sabatoge. One thing after another. I dread whats gonna _ _ _ _ up next. Is that catastrophic thinking???

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