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Hi, my name is Lia Bias. I’m new to forum. I just just graduated with my BSW and am hoping to take the social work licensure exam as soon this pandemic has calmed down. My question for you guys is when I become employed as a social worker, do y’all think it would be wise to inform them that I am schizophrenic?
I mean I will have good benefits and our medication can be expensive, my new insurance through the job would have to pay for it. Wouldn’t they??

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Most of us agree to not tell an employer about being schizophrenic in the hiring process. While they’re not supposed to discriminate, they do. Wait until after being hired, if at all. They don’t need to know your illness for I surance to cover meds.

Also, this forum is searchable through Google. I suggest changing your name to avoid showing up to anyone you may know or an employer. If you give me a scree name I can change it for you.


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if it is possible for you to not mention it at the job interview that’s probably a good thing.

I have such a huge gap in my employment due to this condition that I still need to find a way to explain that when I get a job. a forum member once mentioned to say it was for personal issues but I am not sure if that sounds just or nearly as ‘bad’

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Personally, I have told no one at work about my illness. So far (10 years and counting) it hasn’t impacted my work performance significantly, though I’ve been depressed enough at times to slack off some. My job requires a security clearance (not gov’t or military), so I think it best for me to keep my illness to myself.

The problem with keeping it to yourself is that it becomes a barrier between you and others. I keep everyone at work at a distance for fear of them finding out. You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons for yourself.


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