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Heres a bit of advice if you recently been diagnosed. Keep your gob shut that you got Schizophrenia. Lie thru your teeth and say the reason your not working is becuase you have anxiety and depression.

You may think your coming out and proud like your gay - but i promise you, your peers wont undertstand and you will get labelled as either thick or violent. Or you will have someone that likes to take a pop thru fear of not knowing properly about your condition.

Take it from someone that was open about it. Ive been ostracized - called a police informer - and even a sex offender.

Remember those with MI (especially Sz) are more likely to be a victim of violence than the rest of the population.

Keep Your Gob Shut.


Yeah. I keep my diagnosis on a need-to-know basis.

I’ve had medical professionals act normal until I told them my diagnosis, and then proceed to talk to me like a child or someone with “special needs”


I agree, to an extent.

I think it’s best to keep it to yourself for the most part.

I’ve confided in some people and the ones I have are super supportive.

Didn’t tell any of my extended family, or anyone I dated,

Until it got serious.

Never had it thrown back in my face except for in work environments.


I wouldn’t advise having SZ tattooed on one’s forehead, but some disclosure is necessary in certain circumstances. The fine print of both my work contract and health benefits require I disclose major health conditions, which I have. I’ve not experienced any discrimination from employers over this in the past two decades, and my current one is very supportive of me.


I don’t tell others I suffer with a severe mental illness.
I told my employer about my bipolar disorder diagnosis when I was working and got treated like crap afterwards for years.

They tried to push me out of the system and my coworkers treated me like a 5 year old child when they found out.

And the stigma with schizophrenia is worse.

Good advice @SethTheNew


I know we labeled as violent people i dont understand that sh@t where did that come from, people treat us like we are special needs, we have a huge stigma on us, so guess we have to stay low and live with it. At least we got eachother right so were good.

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