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My current boyfriend when I told him about my capgras told me that I just think that I think I have capgras when I clearly believed it all this time. But now that he said that I don’t think people are clones. It’s almost like he took away the capgras condition from me.

Now I’m confused. Did I really believe I had capgras when I didn’t have it?

why even care, if it is gone then that is a good thing is it not?

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It was the only anchor that convinced me I was actually schizophrenic. Now I’m not sure. And if I’m not schizophrenic then the things I fear could be real.

That shouldn’t be the only anchor. The things you fear also indicate schizophrenia.

I guess you should talk to your p/doc about it and ask him what he thinks

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Capgras could be a symptom of schizophrenia (most likely?) or just a part of delusional disorder or a neurological thing. I watched a docu on it and some people with temporal lobe epilepsy have them. I think you’re schizophrenic though and your boyfriend isn’t really helping you, isn’t he?

For me, I have some weird beliefs (actually, a lot) mainly aliens and sim theory, but IDK. I feel like my brain was uploaded to a quantum computer and put in superposition or with entagled memories just to scratch the surface. I thought I was a clone, but cannot rule out consciousness transfer or even big bounce theory…or the multiverse just to give you an idea…

It could be a percetion and memory thing. I’m just guessing here. I had that stuff too like schizophrenia stuff that I thought was neurological…

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