Can't sleep

It’s 1am and I can’t sleep. Been having this a lot lately, I thought at first it was because of hypomania but I’ve been on lithium for two weeks now and I still can’t sleep.

I see my pdoc again Thursday

My new med Abilify is causing me to hardly sleep

I was up all last night. I have a job interview I’m really excited about, and I just couldn’t fall asleep.

Hope your pdoc is able to help you out. I can go one night without sleep, but I know I’m gonna crash later. Wishing you some restful sleep!

Did you fall asleep?

Did you get an interview in your field?

Yes, it was for an accounting technician, but once I got to the interview, I discovered that the job is really very entry level and I’m overqualified. All they want is someone to match purchase orders to invoices, and I’m used to being involved in all aspects of accounting clerical work.

I’m still buying myself a used car. I’ll find the right job and be glad I have the car ready to go. I can afford it, and it’ll help me get out more. Thanks for asking.

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I did end up falling asleep, although at 4am.


Wow! Late night! Sooo sorry! That’s really hard!

I’m on lithium and it makes me extremely tired and nauseated. My sleep goes from 14 or more hours to 2 or 3 hours.

I hope they can help. I had a terrible time using zopiclone and withdrawal was horrible. Gravol kind of helps with no addiction problems.

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