Can't sleep because of Mr clown!

Mr clown is at my windows like every night and sometimes all day. He scratches at the window. Wanting me to come out side. So he can hurt my unborn child by scratching it out and killing him or her. I feel so alone and there is nothing I can do but rock myself to sleep. Pls is there any one can help me??? Your friend cybil25

Thick curtains… like black out curtains that over lap so there is no gap in the drapes…

White noise or music when your trying to fall asleep… have a fan on. Cool air will help calm me down.

I have had a deep deep fear of clowns… and that fear of having a clown at the window has hit me. Then it was a fear of anyone peeking in… or my mind thinking they are trying to get in…

Very sorry this one is hitting you… good luck and I hope you feel better soon…


the clown is a delusion…not real.
it cannot hurt your unborn child…this is also a delusion…you are safe.
tell the clown to come and see me…
dark sith,
new england,
i love destroying demons…it is a hobby of mine :smiley:
know someone cares :heart:
take care :alien:


Kill the clown. I can show you how!


Hello, Cybil. I understand how you feel. While I’ve never had hallucinations of clowns, I’ve always had a very intense fear of them, even at a young age. I recall being around 4-6 years old and at my grandmother’s house, there were TV shows for me playing and there was a part where the screen showed a lot of harmlessly drawn clowns on a colored background (I’m assuming it was supposed to be calming) and the second I saw them (though they actually looked cute), I started screaming.

Like SurprisedJ said, get some headphones or ear buds and a mobile device and listen to white noise or calming music. It can help you get to sleep better. Cool air can help, too.

Here are some videos with calming music I’ve found:

Remember that the clown is not real, regardless of what your psychosis is trying to make you think. He cannot get you. You and your baby are safe. I hope that you will feel better soon, and sleep peacefully.


I can understand what you are experiencing. My demon would stand over me at night while I was in bed, the creepy demon girl would be on the other side trying to touch me, and interdimensional beings would be wobling up and down the hallway outside my door. These “visitors” certainly meant to harm me. I knew they weren’t real but that didn’t lessen my fear any. Antipsychotics are the only thing that worked to get rid of them. Even years of being in therapy and learning techniques didn’t calm me down. There are drugs you can take while you’re pregnant. Talk to your pdoc. Good luck!! :sunny:

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That is the same with the fight between my brain and my mind…

My mind knows it’s not there… my brain is still freaking out anyway… It’s like a dual thought process… I would just end up confused… scared… exhausted…


Thank u my friends for your kind words. It means a lot to me that I’m not alone.

Thank you

Your friend cybil25 x

It’s no problem. That’s what we’re here for. :smile:

Any updates as to how you slept last night? Did Mr. Clown show up?

He cant get you. They never will. I thought my monster could get me, but they never do it. They only frighten because of the loneliness of their souls. They try to fill it with manipulation to make them feel better. You are more powerful than a whim. You need to tell him your in control. Because you are. They only say they are in control to weaken you. Your better than that.

I still hear him but I find the dark room helps. I also find watching one of my fantasy films helps just before going to bed.

Your friend cybil25

That’s good to hear, apart from hearing him. I hope that you’ll be able to sleep easier. Keep us updated.