Cant meditate cuz of meds

i miss the tingleing sensation on fingers when i used to meditate or breath deeply now i feel like my breath is shallow all the time not like i cant breath just shallow enough to were i cant do any sort of deep breathing exercises im on lamicatal and abilify. i suspect its the lamicatal


Yeah. I don’t have the patience for it and it escapes me.

I do a lot of exercise now and I’m counting a lot. I think that helps get into a mindset. It’s certainly not anything near meditation. Before meds my mind was way too busy and unfocused.

After meds I’m just loose mentally. It’s not a bad cop but I still have my moments! Stuff meditation!

Yes, meditation is known to make me symptomatic, I’ve tried many times always end up suspicios.
Exercise is even worse for me. After I exercise I go back to my state before meds which isn’t good.
Walking is something I do daily around 10-15.000 steps.
Stil need to loose some weight, maybe meds will do the trick

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lamictal 25 mg gave me a psychosis as side effect but everyone reacts differently to it this happened in 2008 :frowning:

I used to meditate (or more try and propagate the ‘chi’ feeling in my fingers).

Can’t do it now at all

Is meditation occult ?

I think it’s placebo

No, prayer is a form of meditation. Occult practices have it too, but it’s fairly universal.

I don’t believe in prayers

Then why do you care about things being occult or not?

Because I believe there is there a higher being. I don’t trust priests or churchs

I mean occult like unusual

How does one actually meditate?

What is the process and thought pattern behind it? Ive never done it …

Are you supposed to clear your thought and try " find Yourself " in that moment?

What about something you enjoy doing and takes your mind off everyday life, like a great hobby? Is this a form of meditation?