Cannot go to hospital

I cant asfford to get my meds anyway if i did go.took tryptophan feeling better.

Will you be able to go when you get paid next?

you can not afford your meds? what does that have to do with going to the hospital?
Why can’t you go to the hospital?

You know you are suffering for no reason without finding a solution.

Please @Roxanna, Just Go!
No excuses …

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You may be in a situation in which you cannot afford to not go to the hospital.

I want you to get better.


Theyre not going to admit me over not having a medication

What excuse? What about their excuses?

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They do thus to me every month.the pdic the caswirjer.i think they make money off sending ppl to wards or they juat dont care. Clear qs day i told that notherfucker they added lexapro. He read on paper tht they started me on lexapro

What did ge do? Not prescrive it

Heres the number to my caseworker if you want excuses

Samantha oneill

[Phone number removed by Moderator]

The ER might be able to adjust your meds @Roxanna.
I care about your well being.

Call her and ask her why david beyer did that

Thanks anyway have a nice day

Hospital sounds like a good idea but they may admit you to the psych ward where you will get good help and possibly be greatly helped and given a antidepressant and antipsychotic


I tried to get meds from a hospital once when I ran out and after 3 hours of waiting they told me they didn’t do that…

However the pharmacy was able to give me an emergency supply for a few days until my dr could prescribe more. I had to pay of course


The reason the hospital might admit you is because your psychosis has become unmanageable. If you tell them what you’re telling us they may admit you so you can finally get the help you need.


I’ll agree with that

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Tired flat outtired

Manson is burning in hell tjsyd all the strength i need