Severe avolition

All I do all day is flip between fb and this forum. I want to be able to read sooo bad. What helps you?


I listen to audio books


I have the same issue. I used to be an avid reader but then MI came and kicked me in the ass.

I find it really helpful if you have someone who can read to you, my boyfriend reads to me and it makes things a lot easier.

Also try and read what you are really interested in. I’ve been doing okay with studying korean because I’ve always been interested in it. Don’t get me wrong. Studying after years of nothing is difficult, and some days I don’t bother doing anything. But you just have to keep trying and don’t give up. :slight_smile:


Also watching things with subtitles is another thing I do to force myself to read more.

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That’s sound advice.

I have no motivation to do anything especially after drinking last night.

My key to reading is that I get to pick the book and I pick something I am very interested in. Often it takes me more than an hour to find such a book. Some weeks I never find the book. Lately I have only been able to read about an hour at one sitting.

Well I have trouble reading because of racing thoughts. Is it the same for you? Because the only time I had relief from that was when I was on a lower dose of invega, it wasn’t possible on higher doses bc of the extreme fatigue caused by that. Then abilify did not help either, definitely made me foggy. So I’m on clozaril now and the docs and such think I should have a much clearer mind in a few weeks.

So in short, the right AP for you can help. (Racing thoughts should go away fairly fast if it’s the right AP, like 2-8 weeks)

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