Cannabis can raise risk of schizophrenia


Here is the study they ‘extrapolated’ their conclusion from:

At no point does the study mention schizophrenia. No key words or link.

Psychosis and schizophrenia are similar but different. The article must be sponsored by someone to immediately jump to that link and causation.

Typical ‘reefer madness’ bias.


I’m an ex heavy user and I approve of @everhopeful 's post.


Like it or not, there is only proof of correlation that people with sz tend to use cannabis. That is not the same as proof of causation.

The article is propaganda where they jumped to the conclusion that “cannabis can raise the risk of schizophrenia”. when the actual study they used has no mention of schizophrenia at all.

So bootlick all you like, any reasoned man can see the evidence with their own eyes.


I’m sure it doesnt apply for everyone @labratmat.

Most things are good in moderation. But the potential for addiction is always there.

I’m not comparing apples to oranges when I say weed can be destructive just like alcohol.

Alcohol can destroy both your brain and your body just like cigarettes, but weed takes a heavy toll on your brain. I wont argue that it has benefits for physical pain.

Like I said everyone is different.

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Dont smoke it if your Sz. Simple as. I get bored of these threads about weed all the time TBH.

Its been all said many times before…


I don’t disagree that any addiction can have a heavy toll.

What I am saying is that cannabis is highly unlikely to have caused schizophrenia outright. There is no clinical proof for it.

It is way more likely that trauma, abuse, neglect and bullying are triggers that not only drive a person to escape reality with drugs, but are the external forces that cause schizophrenia in the first place.

Blaming drugs is an easy way for someone to blame the victim of sz for having done it to themselves, when it was adverse childhood life experiences that was the precursor to ever having sz; and the need to escape with drugs from those experiences.

I don’t mean any offence by my previous post. I have a sharp tongue. Sorry.


Lsd and trauma and then Wellbutrin contributed to my sz. Marijuana just simply did not. But I saw an article that said marijuanas more likely to cause sz than hallucinogens by a wide margin. So maybe I’m wrong. Or just everyone’s different. Or they’re wrong for saying correlation equals causation. Maybe all three.

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I can relate to that.

But that’s a whole different topic. Some people are wired that like that. A lot in fact. Is that the cause of bad parenting? Who knows.

My experiences with weed were pleasant and brought good memories, but it brought a bad case of delusion of ideas and references with everything in my life in which I struggle to this very day. I dont think other drugs can do that. Or maybe they can. I dont know.

By attacking the article, i didn’t mean to defend weed usage.

If you can’t do it then so be it for whatever reason. I am not recommending it by attacking the propaganda. I am merely trying to take away the false belief and defence of many that weed causes sz. They simply do not know that.

I hate that people can blame the victim of sz for having sz for smoking weed. It is not proven yet, if ever.

Dexedrine can cause delusional behaviour, and was a factor in my first breakdown. An upper or speed can increase rapid thought and take you on a bad trip if your mind is geared or at that level already, in my case.

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I see what you’re saying, but I dont think I had a bad trip.

My apologies for sounding negative if I came off that way. Hope it’s part of a healthy discussion.

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Cannabis can cause drug induced psychosis whether it can cause schizophrenia is entirely debatable.


Cannabis caused my sz. The pdoc told me. I have no genetic predisposition to sz either, it was all cannabis.


Same here I got sz due to cannabis induced psychosis… thatsounds the only drug I did. now it just have to live with it. So I tell anyone is see smoking, not to. Because this could happen to them and it sucks… they usually get offensive saying “surely this won’t happen to me…”

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