Yet another study: Schizophrenia Risk Linked to Cannabis Use

A study published in Molecular Psychiatry indicates a likely causal relationship between cannabis use and increased risk for schizophrenia.

The study, conducted by researchers from the Department of Internal Medicine at the University Hospital of Lausanne in Switzerland, built on already existing studies depicting a positive, dose-dependent association between cannabis use and schizophrenia risk, particularly in younger populations.



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Personally I believe schizophrenics are genetically more prone to be attracted to marijuana. If marijuana caused schizophrenia I certainly wouldn’t be the only schiz I know In real life, all my friends would be schizophrenic.


There us some evidence that self medication is not uncommon - people with sz are more likely to smoke tobacco, people with untreated ADD are more likely to use meth.

However, taking tobacco as an example, not everyone who smokes gets lung cancer. Yet smoking definitely causes lung cancer.

May be the same here.

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Really believe that. I think thc, cbd and nicotine can be helpful but it can also hurt clearly. For me it’s helpful. Different strokes for different folks. And I vape, I usually don’t smoke

I don’t get this! Surely there is underlining psychological issues to get caught up in smoking dope in the first place. I think this is just a witch hunt tbh.

The stupid drug for stupid people.


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what do you call a new schizophrenic smoking pot, a double freak out.

I’m not stupid.

I never would have gotten my degree if it weren’t for cannabis.

Or been able to pursue my passion for writing.

It works differently for everyone.

No judgments.


This is a bunch of hooey. The psych docs have been making assumptions on drug users since I was in my teens. It seems that not only are we decades away from any of the research paying off but they still don’t know what they’re talking about.

It’s simple really, we don’t need scientific studies to tell us this.
It’s common sense.
Illicit Drugs are bad for “Normies” but they are much worse for us Schizophrenics.
Just stay away from drugs.
That’s what I do.


It’s probably even more complicated than that, and it also gets more difficult to understand the science behind it because politics are heavily involved. Smoking cannabis is usually not a good idea though, especially for people with schizophrenia, and I really don’t think it has a therapeutic effect for people with pure schizophrenia. But that doesn’t mean some people won’t think that it does. As far as I know, increased tobacco smoking in the population increases the prevalence of lung cancer in the population, and decreased use decreases it, but from all I’ve read about it, there’s not such a clear correlation between cannabis use in the population and the prevalence of schizophrenia. However, those who do smoke cannabis and end up with schizophrenia tend to get it significantly earlier than those who don’t. My psychiatrist said that, generally, the earlier you get schizophrenia, the harder it becomes to live a normal life as an adult. So, basically, what the well-known correlation between cannabis use and schizophrenia actually means is an on-going discussion in the scientific community. There are many scientists who think it does not cause schizophrenia, and there are many who think it does cause schizophrenia, but we know for sure that there is some kind of relationship between cannabis and schizophrenia.


Do you really think that you know more about the subject than people who spend their life studying the topic? Ignoring big communities of experts who spend their life studying something usually isn’t a good approach to making choices with regards to drugs and or medicine.


I’m against smoking it and I think it’s what caused my psychotic disorder but when psychiatrists start talking about different drugs and the receptors that they effect it brings back memories of me being a messed up kid(on drugs) with paranoia from smoking pot. That was 20 years ago and they are still saying the same things.
I think they know more than I do but I don’t think they really know for sure anything about the workings of the brain. I’m totally disheartened by the quality of treatments that are available for psychotic symptoms.

Yes - I am too. Stay hopeful - thousands of researchers are working on improved treatments - it will get better.


Thc is a light form of acid I regularly don’t hear Voice but let me hit a joint and it’s like I picked up the phone in my head and than a soon as I think of someone I care about they call or text me like I flipped my powers on when I get high .i quit 2 days ago been tough trying to sleep.

I doubt it can cause schizophrenia on its own, absent whatever brain or genetic changes are underlying the disease. But it might push someone to a tipping point. And as you said, the earlier that happens to someone, the worse the outcome, statistically.


Drug free is just a simpler way to be.
Marijuana made me hallucinate or become Dissociated for days.(I tried it a few times again about a year ago)
When I was 20 I hallucinated a bunch and freaked out from smoking marijuana. Then I was Dissociated and anxious for about a year until I decided to drink it a way and that seemed to has brought me out of that state.

The brain is such a puzzle.

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I think we’re still waiting on studies that clearly establish cannabis is a substantial factor in causing sz as opposed to cannabis use just correlating with onset of sz symptoms. So many people report that the first major symptoms of sz began during a particularly traumatic or stressful time in their life, so maybe spend as much time studying traumatic life events as triggers for sz. There seems to an inordinate number of cannabis causing sz studies despite any finding clear evidence of causation. Is this because cannabis is illegal in many places and policy makers are looking for justification for continued prohibition? I don’t know, but we do know sz is likely caused by a myriad of factors, both genetic and environmental, so researchers should perhaps direct there study elsewhere.

I smoked an awful lot of pot with THC when I was young, in my teens, 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. It could not have done my brain and MI any good that’s for sure.