So i am leaving the forum for a while

certain people on here have ‘got it in for me’ so i am sorry but i have to go,

i thought what was said or done in the past would be left in the past but obviously not and i know you all hate me anyway, getting that.

Okay I can’t wait til you return


i know you hate me

you are just saying that because you dont want me to return

No man, me? I don’t hate anyone here. I like you. If you need a break, you need a break. I’m understanding you’re having it rough so a break could be helpful :blush:

Hope your return comes sooner rather than later. We’re all sz here i don’t hate anybody here

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@jukebox cant forgive me for something i did a long time ago which i thought would be a joke but it has turned into a vendetta for him, he cannot forgive me, so all i can say again is i am sorry, idk how many times i have apologised for this but it is many and he cant seem to get over, hope you are well @jukebox i didnt mean to cause you or anyone trouble all those years ago.

I don’t really know you, but I feel bad that you feel that way. Just asking this, isn’t it a negative symptom of sz that you feel like people are against you. I feel that way a lot, and I have to check myself.

You will be missed

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no one hates you :smiley: …i like you…you have helped and supported me and many others :heart:
koala :koala: hug.
take care :alien:


Dude, don’t leave due to this… If you need a break… I get that…

But you have ever right here as much as everyone else.

I hope you change your mind…

I like @asgoodasitgets. I like @jukebox. But if you guys don’t get on, then just avoid each other on threads for a while?


I’m with @everhopeful here. There’s no need to be one or the other. Although I’m not much into daydreamers humor there’s no need for such a fuss.

Weren’t you the one saying we should all get along the other day @jukebox ?


Stick around @Resilient1

It’s near Christmas time …the more the merrier on this forum! We like your posts. You’re a fun contributor! :wink:


@asgoodasitgets I don’t hate you and enjoy reading some of your post because they help challenge my thinking, give me a different perspective on how others see their mental issues, and help me with recovery info. Hopefully you come back soon, I’ve never seen any negative posts from you, and I have seen some positive. :yum:

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idk man, i’m guessing someone was just biding there time waitng for a good time to 'bring me down’
my head has been doing backflips but i still have a bit of fight left in me i think. maybe i’ll stick around,


IF you can post without calling out with christian extremism or fart jokes I don’t mind. Yes, I posted we should all be friends but you @asgoodasitgets have been OFFENSIVE for your last two or three posts…I attacked you because YOU attacked ME. Plus. you never apologized.

i didnt attack anyone, and i did apologise, lots of times

Maybe take a break,you will defitnately be missed by many here

I used watch “All my Children” and “Days of Our Lives”. Now that genre bores me.

you didn’t attack me in PM’s? Perhaps I should quote you from my messages?

I never noticed conflict with you @asgoodasitgets . I like the deer ghost avatar tho

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