Can you'll tell the difference between you thoughts and the voices

Is it difficult to tell the difference between you thought and the voices in you head. Have figured out the those voices aren’t your thoughts. It took time for me to figure it out. So don’t worry. I try a lot not to think at all. To know what my thoughts are.

I noticed fairly quickly on mine, but at times they tend to clash and seem very simular.

They love to do that to stay an influenced in your life. Lots of people love to control people. Its probably why no body talks about the “Universe we live in.”

I’ve only from time to time heard voices but they were pretty easily identifiable as something other than a thought. What I’ve found difficult is determining whether my thoughts are mine or a symptom of my illness. For example, I start having distortions of perception and develop false ideas about what’s going on around me. It’s those thoughts that are harder to identify as illness.

Mr. I may be still on the verge of letting the world know if it is an illness or just life. But if you read the paper you know why they talk. Apparently you are involved in an organization that could spill the beans to the rest. Maybe that is why they stopped. I have no idea how you got to the position you are at, or what education you have.

In fact these thoughts happen. “I start having distortions of perception and develop false ideas about what’s going on around me.” How else could anyone right a good story?

Thank you for your honesty

I have to admit that I haven’t read your paper. I skimmed it a bit but haven’t read it. I won’t guarantee that I’ll read it any time soon but I would like to do so eventually. I just need to be in the right frame of mind to dig through something like that and put thought into it.

Not many have. Not even me. I can’t bring my self to. Not a marketing ploy. I hate those marketing ploys enough ■■■■ over what they are trying to to help. Could that be the first clue to that it needs to be read?

Im gonna use your post as a quote for a new post. Thank you.

for my own thoughts I just try not to think about what I am thinking about if that makes sense. like just think in the moment more or less. . the voices for me typically sound more like suggestion in conversational form.

for example , I would be thinking that maybe its my voices in my thoughts and then ill hear ''yeah look we dont give a ■■■■, you can listen or not." then it just quiet and Its my own voice again.

they tend to pipe in, 'you could listen to use if you want we dont really care if you do or not" when im thinking about something or trying to come up with some cool business idea. . then i will catch that their trying to get me to listen and they will realise that because they know my thoughts, and they will be like "Ah you know, thats good , cuz wed ■■■■ you up if you listened anyway.

there really arrogant like that

I can tell whether its my thoughts or voices, when its my thoughts it flows naturally from the emotions I am feeling and it gives me no disturbance. If its voices they intrude suddenly in my head and it feels like there is someone else in my head, it feels strange and foreign and it disturbs me so I want to fight against it or cry.

:boom: :boom: :boat: I’m right in that boat with you. I always seem to get the wrong end of the stick… I am famous for having a “monkey fit” as my brother says… over a wrong perception.

As far as knowing the difference between thoughts and voices… it depends on the day. Somedays, i know the mutterings in my head circus are not connected to my internal reasoning. I feel confident in my thoughts vs. the swirling whispers in my head.

Other days, it’s hard to fight them off and not do what they say.

When I’m not full-on psychotic I can tell my thoughts from the voices because I don’t think in words. That’s a pretty dead giveaway for me when I hear an actual voice in my head because I tend to think visually or abstractly.

When I’m deep in psychosis I can’t tell the difference at all. Everything blurs together. It’s hard to describe because at the time it all makes sense for me. But looking back at a psychotic episode leaves me wondering why I do some of the things I do when I’m ill.

Its hard for me to tell the difference. I know the other person in my head isnt me but at the same time i feel like its me. But the other person says scare and hurtful things to me. No amount of medicine it seems like will fix the problem. I get so depressed and the voice tells me the he is my only friend

Before this current round of regular injections I used to find it hard to get off to sleep because random phrases and sentences would go through my head with no connection to my main line of thought. To this day I don’t know for sure whether they were loud thoughts or something else.
A part of me says thoughts but that’s in part because I’ve read that people with AH mistake their inner thoughts as being voices.