Can u distinguish the voices from ur own thoughts?

I have a hard time distinguising between the voices from my own thoughts. I need to figure it out since i think people can read my mind and i want to know who’s responsible for the bad thoughts that crosses my mind.

Well Anonymous all I can tell you is practice clear thought. People don’t read minds, they read facial expressions. Bad thoughts are just feelings that come across randomly, or stimulated because of your environment, medicine, etc. Its a real voice if someone is externally on the outside world is talking to you. But your voices might as well be your thought because they are both connected internally. I think you should know the difference to what your cognition is. Cognition is a thing that regulates judgement and distinguishes differences of things in reality. When I was in 100% delusion I couldn’t distinguish my thoughts from reality. Your mind needs to be away from that state and only medicine can bring you there. Without it we are forever ill lost in deeply puzzling complicated thought processes that cause our demise.

yes i know the difference from my thoughts and voices, but generally i can always see those that are talking, they are like standing near me , with some kind of form.
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I talked with someone who teaches Chinese medicine and runs the acupuncture clinic I go to about feeling like my thoughts are being, not read out of my head, but I feel like they are transported from my mind through this green/yellow/either orange or red (can’t seem to see the difference sometimes) portal that leads to another plane of like one consciousness that we all have access to. But I can’t figure out how to access it and my thoughts and ideas and what I do are all being streamlined into that space of collective consciousness without my permission. He told me to figure out how to visualise a way to block out that and keep my thoughts protected. He also taught me that with practice I too can visit that place without fear and learn. He said that it is my world and I can perceive it in any way I want, I believe in this completely. In your case, you don’t have to worry about what is what if you set up some way of protecting yourself. Visualization for me is key, colors, symbols, and location on the body for this it would be the brain or your head where you can focus the most on. However, I think if any part of our body isn’t shielded people can tap into us whether they know their doing it or not its still possible. Contrary to most, I say hey people can probably read our minds, but instead of worrying about that let’s focus on protection so they can’t get in. And it works! I’m serious, if u want to feel comfortable at all, work on your own system of protection. And like the Dr told me, the world is yours and you can perceive it however you want to. So just do what feels right for you! And use imagination it is essential to think outside the box to prevent people from getting in.

I was taking a shower one night and was thinking “maybe i am crazy, yeah, my mind is just screwing up.” While thinking this someone said “Hey. We are talking to you right now. This is not you thinking. Yes. We are talking to you.”

Sometimes things also come out of my mouth but are directed at me as it were someone speaking to me.

It would appear someone is speaking to me at times, and it can get confusing sometimes as to whether it’s them or me in my mind.

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