Can you tickle yourself? Odd info

Just read in a book “Interestingly, schizophrenics can tickle themselves because of a problem with their timing that does not allow their motor actions and resulting sensations to be correctly sequenced”

Alright let’s see who the real schizophrenics on here are! If you can’t tickle yourself you’re booted!! Hahaha.


Yes…i Can do it…only on my feet…but I’m not really ticklish…

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I’m not ticklish at all either, whether it’s someone else or myself.

They have even tried to tickle my feet at the hospital, I feel nothing …

I don’t think this is viable…although I can do it…you two cant …the spectrum strikes again…


Yes well it seems the tickle test won’t be used for diagnosis anytime soon :wink: ha!

I hope not…or like you said we would have to kick a bunch of us out of the club lol… I remember someone else was worried about the face test for Sz…it holds as much weight as this one…works on some but def doesn’t cover us all…I would fail the face test but pass the tickle test 1-1 on crappy sz tests lol

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What’s the face test?

Hollow mask illusion…I got it backwards I pass that one too…but fail the line length test…I can see through that one but it says Sz have a problem with it…

There this is better than me vaguely explaining an intricate picture ment to fool your eyes…

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I can tickle myself if I gently stroke my arm. I can tickle my mouth and feet and hands. But not anywhere else. I’m not very tickelish even when others try to tickle me.

I can only slightly tickle myself. I feel like it could almost happen but then it goes away.

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:pouting_cat: I can do it, on my sides, my neck and my feet.


I can tickle myself, looking at roaches…

Interesting! To me I couldn’t see through that illusion either. But the second one they had listed it was very clear to me that the bottom one matched the middle the best…the line illusion I already knew beforehand so I already knew they were all equal lengths.

I can! It doesn’t last particularly long, though.

I can, but it’s not a full tickle. Like a quarter tickle.

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I’m so tempted to make a joke in this thread about tickling people.

but nah.

Yep all over…

oh god this solves my reflex problem! uhh who knows =) I’ll find out on Wednesday