Can you tickle yourself? Odd info

Nope. I think there are a lot of these theories out there. Most of them involve something happening more frequently,but not exclusively, with those with a schizoprenia spectrum diagnosis.
There are false negatives and false positives re using such things as a diagnostic tool.

On the other hand I know for certain that being able to form word clouds when you fart is a definite sign. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’d rather be tickled by someone else, am I booted out of the forum?

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I tickle my nose with a toothpick to make myself sneeze away the bad allergies.

why isn’t this thread in Unusual Beliefs?

just kidding.

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Hey this is proven science mister :triumph:

I can only really tickle myself in one spot, which is on my lower back. For some reason, that spot is extremely sensitive to touch.

As far as the illusions go, the little donut one was interesting. I figured out it was the one on the bottom instantaneously, no questions about it.

I can tickle myself all over. I’m very ticklish.