Whats the difference between a normal persons conscience and sz voices?

I can’t remember the difference at this point. Its like its all meshed together. Is there even a difference between the conscience and voices. I can’t tell the difference anymore. Maybe because I’ve never really known a “normal” brain.

I wish I could answer but I have no idea what Normal is either.

Maybe… people who aren’t suffering MI might not hear their thoughts as solidly or externally as I do… or they don’t openly end up arguing with their own thoughts…

I’m just guessing…


I believe the differance is that “normal” people does not hear their thoughts from outside them selves. Maybe they also have control and can chose what to think and control their thoughts.

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I don’t hear voices. For me thoughts are on a different level from real sounds. Like they have no volume, but I still “hear” them in my mind. Sort of like when you imagine pictures they are not in your field of view, but you still see them.

When I hallucinate music it has volume and is sometimes external.

I’ve never known a normal brain either, but the voices I hear aren’t the same as me. I guess it would be easiest to distinguish when they’re attacking me, but even other times, it’s separate. Mine are actually in my right ear too, not inside my head. And, I have thoughts, like “I need to buy milk”, for example, and that’s me, but then I might hear “you can’t go to the store. Everyone will stare at you…” Just for example. I don’t know what it’s like for others.

I’ve heard external voices a few times

It is noticeably distinct from a normal brain

Scary experience indeed

Internal stimuli on the other hand? Is more similar but it’s more craziness and disorganization of thoughts

It went away for me with meds

That inner chatter

I always called them voices but it’s more like lack of control over your thoughts I think


I think that voices are demons that talk to you and that’s why they always say bad things and torture you.
Of course my doc disagrees.

Your own conscience should be nice to yourself and forgiving of any human shortcomings.