Can you see sounds

I guess not literally. Not like an acid trip or something. But when someone slams a toilet seat or some dishes or a door, the sound comes to me and (to me) invades my space. It’s almost like this instant blackness that invades my space. Any one have anything similar?

as sz we are very sensitive to anything …
be it sound…
it can change our moods instantly…
i try to distract myself…or walk away from the noise or irritation.
take care :alien:


Sometimes I feel like I see sound, or sound is invading my visual space and mixing with lines patterns and shadows. It’s very hard to deal with.

well, I remember how sounds were the stem of you hating your former neighbors so I now perceive this sensitivity to sound as something you are overly aware of…I don’t know why you have this blackness you see as you say. good luck. I hope you aren’t becoming psychotic actually.

No, it’s nowhere near as bad as my last place. Our bathrooms are separated by a thin wall and when I was just going to the bathroom I heard one of the people slam their toilet seat. I thought they did it on purpose to make me mad. I just realized a couple of minutes ago that I was wrong.

I feel sounds sometimes when I’m not doing well. Someone typing on a keyboard feels like I’m being struck again and again. Everything gets bright and sharp. It’s generally a sign that I need to isolate for a bit - put headphones on and close my eyes a bit if I can’t physically get away.

i have hypersensitivity to sound. sometimes hearing someones hand brushing against a couch can even bother me.


The other day I was eating a sandwich at the kitchen table. I thought I heard this loud booming sound from outside. It kept repeating itself. I thought it was a neighbor trying to make me mad so I was siting there seething for about ten minutes. The couple who owns my house have a standing fan in the kitchen that rotates. The fan was brushing against a wooden chair across from me every time it swung around and making a little scraping noise. That was my loud booming sound.


I ‘see’ and ‘smell’ music. I can also see the patterns in information when I’m reading. It’s called synthesia. Possibly associated with autism. Very difficult to describe to people who don’t share the ability, which to me is like having an additional sense.



Just corrected so people can google it, not to be an asshat.

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I see the colors of sound. Every noise/sound has a color. Im looking forward to hearing sounds that are colors I havent seen yet

I think I’ve experienced misophonia before, which is related to synesthesia and perhaps ocd.

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I have this misophonia thing. Thanks for sharing!

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It sounds a little bit like Synesthesia…

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Went to an art exibit on synesthesia once, interesting stuff.

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I think I have a bit of this as well…

Loud continuous sound does come across in color at times…

Strong emotions trigger flavors for me…

I just thought it was a cross wired head.

But it has a name… good to know.

It is also a name for a figure of speech, which became widely popular with Symbolism
(think about Charles Baudelaire’s Fleurs du mal) up to the Kandinski, Mozart, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and Wagner.

There are perfumes as cool as the flesh of children,
sweet as oboes, green as meadows

Just a little of poetic input :slight_smile:


Found this, thought of this thread:

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