Can you induce hallucinations at will?

Hello. Can you induce hallucinations at will?
Second question: How long do your hallucinations last generally?
Thanks in advance. Regards.

I can’t induce hallucinations at will. They happen… usually when I don’t want them too.

If I could induce them… I would make sure never to do so. I don’t like it.

Usually for me… my hallucinations are panic attack triggered or stress triggered and they last as long as I’m in a panic state or a high stress state. Once I can get myself back under control, most of them go away.

I have a few low level ones that pop up here and there… glimpses behind me… fleeting and then I’m sure I saw them. But they go away or follow me so then I work to ignore them. Faces poking out of the walls or a quick flying snake or something odd. Quick and sharp and fade away.

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I generally do not have hallucinations, but like J, they come when I don’t want them too. I’m sure I could induce them to a degree, but because they’re paired with delusions, I wouldn’t want to. Usually I black out, but if not, then the hallucinations start and I know I’m really in some deep cow muck. It usually lasts a couple hours.

Yes. It is a matter of thinking about what I want to consciously experience. I don’t consider it hallucinations though, I consider it a form of higher thought and prayer. If you think or externally write: “Dear Universe, please send healing guidance” and then you picture in your mind’s eye a healthier more confident self. Then later in about two days I will receive either a vision or a dream that answers my deeper questions.

Some pagans practice visualization and trance, where they induce a type of hallucinatory state faster. You have to be careful with spiritual work because there is a lot of energy that can be released.

No, i can’t.

They can though, they can induce hallucinations at will.

I have conversations with aliens at will. At least they say they’re aliens, and I saw a big spacecraft above my house when they said “Hey, look up” once.


My hallucinations, not counting the continuous voices, come and go. They are mostly under my control at this point though they are paired with delusions and paranoid thinking, as bear said. If I think of a telepathic message someone could say, I hallucinate it actually being telepathic. This is generated from the impulse level of my brain, before thoughts have words to them. When I get a afraid they are telepathic they all become so. When I believed it was real it was and all day thing, now it only occurs when my mind goes there. Its a different battle these days.

well i don’t see things but my voices seem to fluctuate between virtually nothing to full on 24/7 as they are right now and have been for about 2 and half weeks. when they are quiet, if i say hello in my mind, i get an answer back. that’s about it. they seem to talk when triggered by the spyware on my phone or a music video or programme but that’s it really.

Nope they just happen

I generally don’t have hallucinations, but, when i do, they are usually stress related. Just harmless, low volume, radio announcer, T.V. playing in the next room type stuff. My main problem is paranoia- big time.

Hallucinations, no. What I used to be able to do though was induce a seizure. I used to do it a lot when I was ill. It caused a weird euphoria. Once I did it in my partial hospitalization program and passed out, fell to the floor, and started twitching. I don’t remember exactly how I did it, it’s been many years since I tried. I remember holding my breath and tensing my head and neck. It wasn’t a smart thing to do.