Can you explain some of your persecutory delusions if you have experienced one or your grandiose delusion?

I don’t want to stir up anything but I really want to see if what I’m experiencing is normal or relatable because I don’t understand it. Can someone with schizophrenia gives some examples of either of their persecutory or grandiose delusions?

Mostly people are after you for derogatory rumours that you’ve done, which you are completely innocent of. It can get real nasty, as in a personal attack on yourself of unresolved issues or just plain uneducated or petty ridiculousness.
Like I mean everyone you meet or it can feel whole towns are after you. You don’t feel safe, it’s torture and your actually innocent. Like when Ppl hate you or turn on you for no reason. Really toxic and twisted low vibe stuff. No rational human would attack an unwell person over nothing or hearsay. But Ppl have gotten other Ppl killed over rumours, it’s dangerous. No one is privy to the facts, Ppl just want to drag you down, make you their b itch. Like I mean real dumb ■■■■ stuff that can ruin a person. Feeling so alone. Right now in my town the shop window decorations can be an harassment / attack on me which upsets me. It feels like no one has a rational working brain. Everyone’s in on it, strangers, family, friends, partners, everyone. Just to make you look foolish.

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I start thinking people hate me and are talking about me and then it morphs into me thinking certain people in the population are trying to read my mind and hurt me. Last year I burned a cross into my forehead cuz I thought that was the only way to keep them from reading my mind. Pretty out there.

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Oh wow that is exactly what I’m going through

I can relate to that

I use to have this persecutory one where people kept telling me they can ‘cut’ me… one day a friend of mine decided to explain what ‘cut’ is (talked to me like the TV, like the TV, it was his mouth telling me) basically he was like when your getting ‘cut’ you’ll feel a free like you as is freezing and it spreads… few weeks later I felt exactly what he told me happen to me while in traffic; I felt a cold freezing that started from my butt and started spreading all over my body… when it happened, I changed road lanes and took another route - freezing stopped after I drove away.

as for grandiose… I keep believing this girl I saw myself marry in a vision - 1 month before I started hearing voices is from a bible verse of revelations 21 about the new jerusalem, and because of her, when I overcome the schizophrenia I’ll be some ruler under god in the future and through god I’ll change the future of destruction my country is going to

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