Can you drink alcohol on lithium?

Not to excess but a class or two of wine?

You shouldnt drink alcohol when taking Lithium.

Lithium can hide the signs of Alcohol Intoxication.

Your blood alcohol levels can sky rocket while taking this medication and drinking alcohol.

I would talk to your doctor and tell him on how much alcohol you plan on consuming while taking lithium.


Cant say for lithium, ask your doc and do your research. Google is your friend. Definitely dont drink before you do both!! You can die from mixing certain meds with alcohol! Static-X frontman died because he mixed alcohol with prescription pills. Here take a look.

Lithium might not be the same but you should still be careful, as i said ask a doc and do your research.

As for aps, on invega it says avoid alcohol. In hospital they said you can drink a glass of wine, no problem. When i asked my pdoc if i can drink one beer occasionally she said NO. You cant mix it with meds and it is not good for your illness. That is what she said. I started drinking beer anyway because in hospital they said it is ok to drink a little.

I drank a small amount of alcohol while on lithium for the most part. There were a few occasions when I had more than a little.

One drink won’t do much. Above and beyond that, you begin to meddle with lithium levels in your blood. You’d be well-advised to not have any at all.

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No drinking on lithium is bad. Drinking on my meds is bad, but not as bad if my Xanax has worn off.

Lithium is a salt, and it dehydrates you, alcohol dehydrates you too. I’m no pharmacologist but that just sounds like a bad idea. Looks risky.

Also, it’s generally a bad idea to drink on meds at all…just throwing that out there. Alcohol often works against the meds main effect and increases side effects.

But it’s your call, I’ve had a drink or three on my meds with the key point that the Xanax had worn off, and I was okay. Now I would not have more than two drinks, that much is a bad idea for anyone with scz. Lowering inhibitions in psychotic people is as bad as it sounds.


I’ve heard that the dose required for lithium to be effective is close to the dose at which it becomes toxic. They recommend that you stay hydrated while taking lithium. Alcohol is a diuretic. It tends to dehydrate you. I don’t think you’ll have to go to the emergency room if you drink while on lithium, but you might start to feel real weak and get muscle tremors. It’s probably very hard on your liver too.

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