Can you cure?

Have a question, is it possible to cure schizophrenia for all? Severe form.

Just wondering :thinking:


Certainly not at the current time. Maybe at sometime way in the future they will have figured out exactly how it works and will be able to use some kind of advanced method to cure it. Then again, maybe not. IDK.

I can answer this question as I have treated my mental illnesses, after years of studying psychiatry and putting my knowledge into practice.
Yes, it is possible to treat someone with the symptoms of schizophrenia.
But, it is difficult to make someone who has become a schizophrenic to return to a previous neurotypical state by medication alone.
I have never found a good psychotherapist, the NHS in the UK have never been much help, I was sent to an anxiety and depression group 13 years ago, but that soon ended after their funding ended when the government would no longer financially support the group. I payed privately for counselling from the betterhealth website in the US, but that was mainly CBT for mental problems that normal people have, and it is expensive for someone like me who has no health insurance.
Maybe a schizophrenic could get somewhat better if they had an expert psychiatrist who also was an expert psychotherapist in schizophrenia.
After all the years of studying psychiatric medicine, I have understood that medication can be helpful but they have their limitations.

There is no cure as far as I know. Some people quit there medications and go into remission and are fine, but they are few and far between. Most people I know about who quit there meds become psychotic again, myself included.

Have to be left alone, have peace of mind, and have kind people around.

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