Is it possible schizophrenia has already been cured?

The individual who cured it is just being pressured by the pharmaceutical industry to keep it quiet because they don’t want to lose money from selling older meds to patients. It’s not a conspiracy theory, its perfectly possible. What do you think? That the cure is just sitting in the back of someone’s lab coat pocket or in a refridgerator somewhere.


No, I don’t think that’s possible.


Sure it is possible but veeeeeeeeeeery unlikely.


You could say the same thing about any disease. But here’s one condition that they might have “cured” in the sense you just take one pill.

So basically if there’s money to be made anywhere people will find a way to make it.

They don’t even know what causes schizophrenia.


I’ve thought about it before. The pharmaceutical industry is huge and probably make a lot of their wealth from mental health drugs. It wouldn’t be that far-fetched to wonder.


I doubt there will ever be an actual cure, just as I am confident that there will never be a cure for cancer, but I think medications will continue to improve over the years.


cure no
but recovery is possible by god s mercy on us


I hate to say it but I agree with @freakonaleash. I think that once you’ve had schizophrenia for one, five or ten years or more the damage is done and nothing is going to reverse or undo what’s happened in your brain and in your life.

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I would so not be surprised. Everything’s so corrupt anymore. So it’s possible


No I don’t think they make meds that magically whip your mind into proper shape and earse trauma and alienation

That would be a hell of a drug

Even with a cure and I become rich and famous think I’d still like to be considered an eccentric millionaire. Same could be said for diabetes since I’m in recovery for it and is no cure and doing it on diet and exercise. A lot of things there is no cure but recovery is possible. Nothing to do with a magic pill my experience any rate. Love determination and hope does however go a long way for recovery.


I don’t think so just because the brain is a very complex and unknown thing. This could how ever probably be said about various cancers. There is no way those companies can collect all that money for cancer research (literally billions) and not have a solid cure. Just IMO

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Although anything is possible, I highly doubt it.

hmm…a paranoid populace dealing with their version of the moon landings…

I’m not sure who to believe? Those punters who hit the moon with valve technology…or those punters who think modern pharma is a true evil…

Seriously. We are 1% of the population and getting our meds to a clinical state is millions in developement. You only get some years before that goes generic so you try and get more money back so you can go again.

It’s nothing sinister it’s all about economy. It’s dumb to even suggest that pharma is doing such things. You develop a cure and your rich anyways. It just doesn’t make sense.

We are doing better than most getting such money spent…and you don’t do that for free. If you want to rail against modern pharma then rail against modern capitalism and it’s treatment of the poor! That makes more sense to our community!


it’s more likely a corporation would have bought the patent. ensuring lifelong customers.

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