Is there a cure for schizophrenia

Im 12 years trying to hack it…at what point will I improve>…

sorry karl I take meds I hope you can find meds that work better for you

There can be improvement from having a mental illness - it depends on a number of different factors.
Meds, avoiding stress, good support systems all benefit the patient - I improved over time, meds did help me

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There is no known cure. It’s part psychological part nuerochemical. All you can do is fix the psychological part and hope meds can bring you to a proper balance. The voices don’t want to stop. Some times I wonder if it’s a spiritual thing but I am biased to not give that much credence.

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I’m 53 years old. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 1980 when I was 19. It wasn’t until I was about 44 or 45 that some of my symptoms started to lessen or go away.

Same for me. I’m 54 and it got a lot better the past five years or so, hardly any symptoms at all.

My symptoms also disappeared almost completely starting when I was in my 50’s. Before that I had gradual but troubled improvement.

It depends on different factors. The more effort you put towards your recovery the better you will do overall. It took about 9 years for me to feel normal, but the medication rendered me symptom free within a few years.

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It can get better on its own. My positive symptoms have went away drastically. I’m 41 years old and used to have major delusions/hallucinations, but I don’t anymore for now.

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Yes, the cure for this is to kill the ones who cause it.

Get them to stop somehow and poof no one will be schizophrenic anymore.

karl nobody knows! in fact there is no evidence to suggest schizophrenia actually exists!
just a cluster of symtoms and a lot of labelling.
what would getting better look like to you?

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Trial and error…it’s a long journey.


You can improve. You just have to find the right medication and that takes time.

I’ve made significant improvements the last 7 days since joining this board. Part of it is my new med dose and part is talking with you guys. There is no cure sir but ways to make it better. On my meds I am more worried about the bi-polar aspect of my schizoaffective. I’ve almost learned what is real and what is not when it comes to the paranoia. Or choose to ignore the stuff they’ve told me is fake.

You can get better, but you will always be a ticking time bomb

Great , do you still take meds , what do you do to occupy yourself. Thx

I was watching a video on youtube a while back and one of the psychiatrists said, “I don’t cure, nature cures”.