Can you clear your mind? [poll]

i do this all the time, i try and clear my mind completely and relax, i dont always relax but i can clear my head somewhat, meds help of course but i like to think that i add to my recovery, its not all the meds :wink: if you know what i mean.

  • i can clear my head
  • its too hard to clear my mind
  • thinking of nothing is boring
  • i cant relax my brain
  • cheese
  • nothing
  • forgot

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Mine is an emotional roller coaster. It’s only quite when I sleep.

I’m on 20 mg of abilify…

I can’t read much longer than a paragraph. Don’t watch TV…can’t watch movies. I have the attention span of a gnat on these meds.

Oh look! A bee just flew by my face!! I’m off to follow it!!

(But what kind of CHHhheeeese!!!)

Use to be able to almost at will. Was sort of part meditation part catatonia. Was always a lot of peace with it and my way to shut the world out. Miss being able to do it tbh. Have learned a few meditation techniques since and just hard to shut down anything like that.

I can get my mind to simmer down a bit… but I can’t clear it for anything… to much in there… chatter… external stimuli trying to get in… double thinking and over thinking… racing thoughts…

I can get it to slow down… but it depends on what’s around me…

I need a quiet low stimulus place if I’m going to quiet the mind.


i feel like i lost control over every thought and action after my breakdown. its like somebody else is doing it for me or like there is no impact of decision whatsoever.

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I’m feeling like my mind was empty when i take a nap or during coffee time , playing tennis or games , after that i’m feeling “refresh” and it’s amazing :wink: . In my view , any sad stories from the past just let it stay in the past and i dont mind about it anymore .

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cheese seems to be popular with sz i wonder if that is a symptom :pizza: anyone for a dominos :wink: haha

Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t. I answered “cheese”. I’m a mouse. I will always answer “cheese”.

i’m sure i saw a study done on mice and they had a choice between eating cheese and eating peanuts and they chose the peanuts every time :mouse:

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Yoga was really helpful once I had the psychosis symptoms start. Ability to lay there and think nothing has been VERY helpful to stop run-on thoughts. Great reason to try yoga, just try the positions and don’t think about anything except how the stretch feels and if you should advance to more challenging position. The beginner stretcher are a lot like high school gym class stuff, especially if you were involved in sports. You probably know a lot of stretching stuff. Lots of the yoga classes take place in a gym and just not the right spot to try to ignore background noise from next room like a step class with music cranked up or basketball on other side of wall. But anyone can get a matt at Walmart for $10 and just use to try some poses. Matt is really suggested as it is slip resistant with bare feet. A little yoga music or instrumental only stuff and you are there. An old belt or towel can assist you in trying the complicated stretches.

I used to be bothered. I took meds and maybe needed them. But trying to concentrate on work is the only thing that helped me. Yes its was very hard but the more I practiced, the easier it got. Plus salary can solve many problems.

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