How do you occupy time in your mind?

Yesterday was pretty good, my mind was mostly quiet kind of felt like my self. But today felt anxious because had so many people watching me and saying things to me but all I wanted was to be left alone. What do you do to occupy your time in your mind? I don’t like to be left alone with these people in my thoughts. Don’t have any control over my thoughts. Just want to be me but feel like I’m drowning with these people in my mind.


I’ve heard that starting out someone attempting to focus their thoughts on something will only be able to keep it there for a few seconds and then with practice u can get to where u focus on something in ur mind for longer periods of time

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What would it be like if I had that high end pc with all the latest tech in it or what would it be like if things were ideal that real nice sports car

My meds seem to give me an abnormally clear mind. I don’t know if this is the way normal people are or if it’s an artifical state unique to my meds.

What makes my mind clear is if I don’t have it set on the flesh

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I’ve read that the heart can’t tell the difference between something imagined and something real and that there are more neurons in the heart than in the mind

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I have lots of stuff to process for work at home and lots of older home entertainment stuff so always something I can do, although I’m really good at lying on the couch when I’m at home

I had engineered things in my mind to where I saw a bright light when my eyes were shut it was the single most interesting frame of mind I’ve ever had

As you guys know by now, I pray, meditate, do yoga, play piano, read, surf the internet, spend time on this forum, volunteer, attend mass, attend Rosary, call my one friend, and play with my cat. I also like to drink coffee with CBD oil added on occasion.
I’m blessed in that I don’t have any visual or auditory hallucinations or otherwise in my mind right now. No paranoia either. My meds are doing me really good. Praise God!

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