Can you believe that we're still here?

How long have people been here now?

Whats the point?

Why keep doing it?

There is no reason to do it.

I guess people love to suffer or something. Thats the only reason there is, people love to suffer so they actually keep force feeding themselves and their cursed children this heaping pile of horseshit.

well the fossil record says that homo sapiens as we are today have been around about 200,000 years…

I don’t believe there is a point, but who knows…

life begets life begets life and so on and so it goes.

You would think someone would’ve tripped the cord by now.

The broken record goes round and round…

Pans disease your like a bad preacher

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i am not here, i am orbiting a far off planet but the wifi out here is amazing…!?!
take care

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The fossil record is incomplete as fossils need a particular set of conditions to form. There are numerous missing links.
For example please explain how Dromeosaurids (raptors) suddenly appear in the fossil record with no developmental stages from some other creature? They were smaller than their contemporaries yet had much larger brains and were extremely intelligent, some even had feathers…
They even got a star role in Jurassic park…
best scene in all the movies

We all know they are aliens… and the egg return scene is a hidden message about the aliens seed being taken by humans and then returned.

Cool :slight_smile:

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Haha…well I think you have a point

I have learned to just endure pain. I went for over a year without medication, it was hell but it made me come out stronger, friggin powerlifting and a straight A student. I still feel pain but I dont suffer as much. Its hard to describe. I sort of live off of pain, when something is painful, it must be making me stronger, literally with the weightlifting and also emotionally with the bad days, life events, people who were friends hating me, stuff like that is just to be learned from. Most times, I conclude that the person who hates me is insane, and other people agree when I tell them the story. Like when I showed my friend a text conversation between me and a girl I was seeing, he was like “Holy ■■■■, she is the craziest ***** I have ever heard of, just quit talking to her and forget her.” And I did. It wasnt painful, it was just like “oh, you’re insane, more so than I am. Bye.” I didnt literally say that, but that was the gist of how I cut it off with her. That’s just an example. Very long and boring, somewhat irrelevant example because I truly didnt care.

But dude, you have to find reasons to live. I live to beat this illness. Im not dying without having lived. This illness isnt going to take away a normal life from me or waste my potential. Not without a fight its not.

yeah yeah dinosaurs were aliens and we all know that…


the fossil record is incomplete…

Of course it’s incomplete, we’re talking millions upon millions of years old bones here. Not everything is still around to be discovered, my guess is most of it was dust long, long ago. But they are always periodically discovering something new. I don’t get how when most people talk science they talk as if what we know is all there is, as if the current facts are all there really is to be known. And then there’s people jumping to conclusions like gaps in the fossil record mean a species just appeared on this planet out of no where.

I’ll admit I haven’t done a page of homework since 8th grade but I do know there is more to be discovered then what we currently know and that somethings may never be known, like the existence of all the unpreserved fossils of long deceased creatures.

But then what am I talking about? When I was 17 I was convinced that extra terrestrials had come to earth to plant the seeds of human civilization…

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Not all dinosaurs, just the raptors…They have even told me so (their spirits) and went and did something for me I requested of them, appearing to someone else hundreds of miles away and doing exactly what I had asked them to do.
the Bible says the spirit of beasts (non human creatures) goes down into the earth…that’s where these spirits came from, under the earth

What you believed when you were 17 actually has factual basis.

Do a study on RH negative blood types… RH positive has the Rhesus factor…the RH negatives do not and are not in any way related to ape like creatures.

God (Elohim = plural, the many: not of this earth) said “let us make man in our image, male and female they were created.”

In Genesis 6, the Book of Enoch and other ancient writings it describes the 'sons of God" who came down from heaven and took the daughters of men and had children by them…(This is what made the RH neg bloodlines)

maybe not aliens as in the strict sense of biological evolved entities from other planets, but certainly aliens in that they are interdimensional beings from outside of this world

I have posted one year here. I use daily Finnish, but these Internet groups give me a chance to communicate also in English. I have liked all feedback I have received.

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Sorry about that.


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