Ancient astronaut theory vs religion - poll

Who considers this more probable than religious views?

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you should really talk to your doc about this

If I were stupid enough to do that, I would definitely be a mental case.


so your not then? :confused: lol

i told my last psychiatrist that i was concerned about resources depletion, mass die off’s & civilisation collapse - & he said that was normal & a lot of people were.

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I had this delusion a few months ago. This is what got me over it.

Under my theories involving it, the aliens never landed and use covert means of influencing humanity through telepathy and mind control. They created religion as a covert means of social engineering our cultures and philosophies in society and are performing a psychological operation on the population. For people labeled as schizophrenic, I believe it could involve social darwinism and eugenics - the people with it being seen as undesirables in their fascist view point. They are essentially illusionists/magicians and trick people in illogical thinking by believing in the supernatural.

Well that wouldn’t be accurate because people with schizophrenia were revered as spiritual leaders for a lot of history. It was only after colonialism started that we started getting locked up and stuff.


There is a distinction between schizos and a prophet or mystic. The prophet or mystic is favored and are puppets and have a purpose to them, whereas the schizo is tortured by them and has no purpose, although it may also be true that with those tortured by them the relationship is parasitic and they actually derive some kind of sustenance from the pain of their victim.

What’s the distinction/difference?

That would be the distinction.

Of course, we’ll never know for sure which of them would qualify as schizophrenic by today’s standards. We can’t exactly send a psychiatrist back in time to diagnose all the great mystics. But due to the vastness of space and the large number of planets spread out so far across the galaxies, I think it is unlikely any alien civilization has stumbled across our planet yet.

It’s possible. But with all these areas - where is the evidence/proof?

Yet I bet you, as well as Bill Clinton, think we will discover life on another planet in the next 200 years. Explain that double standard.

Um, no. I don’t believe that. And what does Bill Clinton have to do with anything? You’re really starting to drift now.

It is self evident there is a distinction between a prophet and someone who is plain tortured to extinction.

The distinctions between all these areas i think are very blurred.

Bill Clinton believes we will discover life on another planet within a 100 years or so. So how is it people think it is probable we will discover life on another planet, but it is improbable alien life could discover us first?

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Have you read any of the Matrix 5 materials? Was interesting.