Can we talk about the Climate Catatastrophe?

I have seen so much on line that I can’t keep shtum

This is not a soap box

it is not for faint hearted

all of us are faint hearted when we see the news

Roger Hallam
Penzance (Cornwall UK)
90 min speech this month

WE are all not expected to go on marches
on their very first page it states that people with mental health problems are LET OFF the idea that we must march, write letters, strike,
no one with mental health difficulties must put themselves in harms way

I know they would all feel rubbish if it was a cause of unnecessary illness

with the unbelievable powers and money invested who will destroy the world
who do have us so pacified

This is something the world needs to hear.
we are not a faction who are separate from the world/

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doing a million little things between us every day is a huge force for good.

I hope I don’t cause problems here, but Trump bowed out of the G7 climate discussion.

are you in U.S.? Why can’t they believe science?

I’m in UK.

I’ve heard more about Brexit than Climate Change on the TV
it is not possible for the BBC to talk nicely about the reality. most children born now are not going to reach an old age

They have known all along

They knew since the first few hundreds of thousands of cars
it is unstoppable inevitable and too late

there is a 1 % chance of leaving something worth living for on the planet at the minute
which will take ALL of us

also, fire. I don’t know, if I live that long, it’ll be electric cars.

to power the first generation of electric cars - a switch for Everyone ?

would need 20 new nuclear power stations in UK alone
it’s not a real solution
nor are energy saving light bulbs and recycling

and i don’t even stand by my word
i’m still not THAT person

i don’t live by my conscience by about half

when I worked in a recycling center, they threw all paper and plastic onto a conveyor then compressed it into bails. The semi’s hauled it away, but I don’t know. I was kinda hoping my beer cans can be reused. maybe not?

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what did they do with the balls?

they were big compacted bails that they strung up. I have no idea. I asked a guy there, he didn’t know.

You say “this is not a soap box” and then stand on a soap box, shouting your rhetoric at us. That is pretty dishonest.

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no point
not arguing

I bet you shut down my post. Geez.

I’m sharing …

You’re sharing fear with people who are having trouble with basic functioning. There is a counterargument to be had but this isn’t the place to argue it.

See, this is the problem with the site. The sick and disfunctional get every platform,

and then people respond with Call your nurse or pdoc. there’s never any intellectual activity.

but human
with a voice and a right to the truth
the future events will scare everyone anyway
it is not going to go away and it will probably end not well
Everyone will be scared anyway… it is not my wish to scare or shake up really just want to get people sharing about a real thing that is happening
share it
talk about it
support through it

i would not argue for ignorance with having the right to smoke the right to eat cake the right not to share an STD via knowledge
or that a family member had died

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