Can we have this category?

For all those who also suffer other mental issues besides schiz.

Perhaps a category for Bipolar disorder?

I don’t know… This is, so it would be a little weird if there were categories that sz people weren’t allowed to use because of their diagnosis.


Yes, I agree. Unless it is or

or for people with schiz with other issues even besides mental illness. just a suggestion

I pretty much hold the same sentiment as @Treebeard. This is called so it should have a focus on that condition.

Personally I think people who have experienced an episode of the generic term psychosis should be welcomed also.

In addition I think people who have little positive symptoms anymore cos they have found effective meds/treatments etc should have a voice. Their experiences of recovery are very important.

Just my 2 cents worth

(pS sorry if this starts another huge forum debate about entrance criteria. That is no my intention)


Hey @Ish what about a thread called Residual Symptoms. This could encompass your condition. Also this thread would be slightly different from recovery and may represent some of the folks on this board.

No I think u were right the first time doesn’t make sense when this is a sz forum we can always use the lounge for other things

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