Can we have a leader board here?

i think a leader board would be awesome,

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i think i know who would top it tho but i still think it would be nice for people to know,

maybe it would be good to have a top poster for each day as well. :slight_smile:

and also i was thinking of something that could let people know who is logged on at any particular time.

what do you think?

Dunno, does the platform allow it? If not, sounds like a lot of work to do for the owner…

Also, wouldn’t it turn the forum into something competitive rather than collaborative?


Not really… as long as people weren’t posting nothing posts just to get top poster… Actually another schizophrenia forums had just that with top poster and number of posts per day, and i think who was on, but you can choose to sign in invisible so if you wanted to lurk and not be seen you just click log in invisible…

Who is top poster anyways? I have 1179…darn it I missed my 1111 post LOL…

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i think that @SurprisedJ is top poster all round tbh


what do you think @SzAdmin?

The forum software doesn’t support leaderboards right now - and I’m not sure they are appropriate or helpful here anyway. Involvement here isn’t a competition - its not like a gaming environment. My concern would be that people who are not on the leaderboard might get the wrong message, and people who are might think that they are somehow more special or better than the new members. What do you think? Why do you like the idea of a leaderboard?


I agree with SzAdmin. I don’t see how this can be productive, useful, or supportive in any way.

People come here for support and socialization, not to be competitive or to feel superior.



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i dont think it would be competitive i think it would make people want to post more and be more supportive if anything, they will be able to see who is online and who is the most trust worthy and senior members of the site, we had leader boards on the the old forum and i didn’t have a problem with that, i didn’t care when i wasn’t on it and when i was i felt like i had accomplished something.

it doesn’t have to be on the main board it could just be a number next to how many posts you have written stating your rank on the site maybe just for the highest ranking 20 or 30 posters. it would also be good to know who is on the forum at any given time.

I don’t think we need one here. On one of my other forums I am number eight out of the top ten for number of liked posts though and it’s never gone to my head. I just don’t think we need one.

I think popularity is two-sided coin. Unless that member is doing exceptional well, I afraid there will be jealousy amid other members.

I think the current badge system is enough :smile: